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I'm looking for a 64bit driver for the Designjet 600. I can't go buy another plotter, like i'm sure some would suggest, and I know that HP didn't make one. Has anyone tried other drivers that have possibly worked? I have Win7 64bit, so 32bit drivers won't work unless there's something that I don't know....

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  1. HP did submit x64 drivers for Vista, so try using windows update from add printer control, if no good, your out of luck.
  2. Rhulett78,

    Did you check with the Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Center to ensure that Microsoft has verified known compatibility with your plotter?

    The Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Center located at the following link: and can be used for both hardware and software concerns.

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  3. If you can't get it to work and can't find 64 bit drivers, if your running Win 7 Pro/Ultimate, you can always use Windows XP mode. I had to do this for my Canon Scanner. It worked quite well. Of course it's not as convenient as printing directly from Win 7, but it's cheaper than running out to get a new plotter.
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