HDMI audio on flat panel disables on PC

HDMI audio on my HDTV stops working on my PC after tv is either shut off and put back on or switched back over to pc from another input such as cable bluray etc.. In order for audio to work again I have to reboot PC...I've tried many things; driver uninstalls and updates...windows 7 sound properties (HDMI shows disabled and not highlighted)..total windows reinstall..anyone know about this??

i7 2600k
Gigabyte motherboard z68x ud3h b3
Corsair 2x4g DDR3 2133
Diamond AMD Radeon hd 7970
Kingston hyper x ssd
Panasonic plasma HDTV
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  1. It sounds like it could be something with the tv and trying to make all the connections with using the tv. I'm wondering if you would have the same problem with a home theather reciever. I'm not suggesting for you to go out and buy a reciever , just trying to think if it has something to do with the tv.
    You don't have a computer monitor I take it, and your using the tv as your monitor?
    Would you be able to connect an audio cable from the computer to the tv ?
  2. Yes I can connect a 3.5mm audio jack from the onboard audio to an RCA connection on the back of the receiver and the audio will work.

    It just seems the hdmi audio is somehow loosing its connection or sync when I switch back to pc..maybe I need some sort of driver for my actual HDTV monitor.
  3. It may be just the way the tv is made , I know that when my reciever broke and I had to get a new one there was a period of time that I didn't have the reciever and I was making all the connections through the tv and it wasn't working the same , there was some diffaculty getting multiple things to work right and the tv did have sufficent port connections.
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