nobody sells 1.4Ghz 20fsb? why?

eeehhhhh.....I have been to and they don't have 1.4Ghz 200fsb on the list only 266fsb, well when I search for 1.4gzh 200fsb tbird I can get only one link to AMD website an the cost of this CPU is $188 and it is way more expensvie than 266fbs one, why nobody sells 1.4Ghz 200fsb one???
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  1. beacuse there is so little demand and they are virtually no boards that support them maybe?

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  2. There is virtually no reason why someone would want to buy the 200 mghz bus except for upgrading from an old motherboard. If this is what you want, maybe you can "downclock" te FSB of the 1.4. :-Þ
  3. Cant understand why you would want one?

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  4. hes got an a7v that only supports the 100 mhz fsb. supposedly the new beta bios will allow support for the 1.4.......i cant confirm that, though.

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  5. Of all of I have seen, why still would ya want
    Anyway, everything changes so get with the times..yeah yeah.

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  6. I have 800Mhz tbird and need an upgrade, 1.4Ghz is the last 200fsb tbird, my max multiplae on A7V is 12.5 and fsb o'clocking sux on A7V.
  7. If things work fine why change? All Tbirds are bigtime so why do you think 200fsb is good, itsa bad bullshit thing Why be different!!! if itsa athlon you have the best out!it is a 133 x 2 so its the same asaP4....and better.lmao

    ~OMG IT nearly melted, lucky I had the extra fan *inside* ~
  8. what does that mean?

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  9. Who knows.
    It's too hard to read.

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  10. I feel like I'll die now... OK I have A7V mobo that supports 200fsb ONLY and CAN'T BE SET TO 1.4GHZ MANUALLY! ONLY AUTODETECT!!! SO IF I BUY 266FSB 1.4GHZ ATHLON I WILL RUN IT AT 1250MHZ AND IT IS SLOWER THAN 1400MHZ!!!! OK?
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