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After a month of waiting, i finally have enough money to buy the Asus VG278HE monitor. It currently sits at 440€ in my country. I'd like to ask, what's the difference between this and the VG278H (non "E" edition), which costs 630€?

That's it about the screens. Let's say i buy VG278HE. What do i need to watch 3D movies? I have the paid 3D movies in my hard drive, but do i need a 3D emitter(don't know what that is)?

Furthermore, i will buy Nvidia 3D Vision 2 glasses, are those ok for watching movies in 3D, or they work only in games, and i need other type of glasses for movies?

Lastly, what cables do i need? My computer has a gtx 590. I can find HDMI 1.4 cables, but are those fine for 1080p 3D, and for 120hz for 2D in same resolution?
Does that HDMI cable connect directly into my graphics card, or do i need something like DVI adaptor?

Please explain it as best as possible, and leave a bottom line listing the things i actually need to buy. Thank you, your help is of great appreciation!
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  1. you'll beed a 3d capable blu-ray drive, an hdmi cable thats version 1.4a, 3D capable bluray sofware, and nvidias 3d vision2 glasses.
  2. The difference between the VG278H and VG278HE is the HE model is a 144hz and does not include a built in emitter or glasses, the H model is only 120hz, but has a built in emitter and glasses. For 3D, you'd have to buy the 3D Vision 2 kit if you get the HE version, but that opens up 144hz gaming and 72hz 3D gaming. Both have lightboost to support 3D Vision 2.

    You will be using dual link DVI-D, not HDMI for gaming. You can use it for movies, through HDMI or even PS3 games, but not 3D Vision. HDMI cannot support 120hz until version 1.4b is available and 3D Vision does not support HDMI on that monitor.

    And yes, the 3D Vision 1/2 glasses will work for movies.
  3. So wait a minute, i get the HE version, do i need to buy an emitter too or i only have to buy the glasses?

    Now i am a little confused. I must use dual link Dvi-D for 3D, right? However, it's not going to be 1080p HD 3D?
    And what about 2D, normal gaming? Can't i play games on full hd on 120hz?

    I am sorry for my stupidity i just don't understand. The non "E" edition says that it supports 3D HDMI 1.4. If i buy this one instead, will i be able to use HDMI for 3D and for 2D 120hz gaming?
  4. 1) You need to buy the whole kit 3D Vision 2 kit with the HE version. Glasses and emitter.

    2) For HD3D, which is used in DVD players and PS3's, you will use HDMI. HDMI can support 1080p up to 30hz, which is enough for movies. It also supports up to 60hz at 720p. (I'm unsure if PS3's play at 1080p or 720p in 3D, but you use HDMI regardless).

    3) For 3D Vision, which requires an Nvidia card, you need to use a Dual-Link DVI-D connection. HDMI will not work with this monitor and 3D Vision.

    4) For AMD cards, which uses HD3D, you will need HDMI 1.4a, which that monitor does support, but it will limit you to 720p @60hz in 3D.

    5) While it supports HD3D through HDMI 1.4a, Nvidia video cards do not support HD3D, and AMD cards do, but they are limited to 720p@60hz or 1080p@24/30hz. HDMI 1.4a does not support 120hz. If you are using an AMD card, you may want to look for one that supports Displayport.
  5. So, if i want to play games in 3D, in what resolution will i have to play them?
  6. And i will most probably get the non "E" edition which comes with built in emitter and glasses. Anything changes on that screen?
  7. If you have an Nvidia card, that monitor will let you use 3D at 1080p@60hz using dual-link DVI-D. If you have an AMD card, you'd be forced to use 720p@60hz or 1080@24hz on HDMI, same for PS3's and movies (which are 24hz anyways).
  8. Ok i have a gtx 590 by the way. Thanks a lot for your help. Also one last thing, if i want to play games normally, in 2D i mean, can they be played at 120Hz refresh rate while in 1080p?
  9. Oh, another question, i am tiring and boring, i know, there is a Dual Link DVI-D to HDMI cable, and some other dual link dvi-d cables that appear to be the same on both ends. Which exactly must i buy? Post a picture if possible.
    Finally, with this dual link dvi-d cable, will i be able to play games on 1080p or it's only used for 3D leaving me in the need of a HDMI cable so that i run games in 1080p?
  10. With DL DVI-D, you can get 120hz, but not with HDMI. You cannot use an HDMI adapter, as you are still limited to the HDMI specs.

    Yes, that means 120hz in 2D.
  11. And what about the resolution? 1080p or less?
  12. Dual-Link DVI-D is the best you can do, it supports 120hz at the resolution the monitor supports, which is 1080p.
  13. Thanks A LOT for your help friend. Me and my stupid questions:P

    Now i also read something else, about 3D movies. Some new type of movies the HFR 3D movies, which i think play at 48 fps instead of 24. The only one released in theaters is Hobbit: An unexpected Journey. Let's say i buy the bluray HFR 3D version of it (if it comes out). Will i be able to watch it in 3D at 48fps?
  14. Oh, and once again, thank you for your help, and only respond if you have time.
  15. I doubt it will work from a DVD player. Until HDMI 1.4b is released, you have to use Displayport or dual-link DVD-D for those refresh rates at 1080p and dual-link DVD-D doesn't carry sound, leaving Displayport as the only option currently with HDMI 1.4b in the future.

    It may be possible to download or upload content to your computer, then your PC could handle it.
  16. That's what i meant, if i buy and download that kind of movie onto my hdd, would i be able to run it in 48 fps?

    Now that you mention sound.. Do i need another cable to have high quality sound, apart from dual link dvi-d?
  17. The odds are you won't find it in that format, but technically it is possible, but if it is not supported by DVD players, it is unlikely they'll sell in that format.
  18. Ok. And what about the glasses that are included with vg278h? Are they nvidia 3d vision 2 or an earlier version?

    Basically, are they the same with those that you get if you buy the nvidia 3d vision 2 kit?
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