OT: wierd unrealtournament problem HELP!

righto... sorry for posting here but this is the most read newsgroup.
Summary of problem.
while playing unrealtournament (UT) it occasionally slows down to almost a complete stop. hard disk access is constant.
one time i managed to get back to the desktop and open task manager.
suprise! UT was using a whopping 780+ MB of ram... and it was increasing every second.
also... my need for speed 5 does this everytime i try to start it up. i never get by the startup screen. just constant swapfile use.
and no way am i out of ram. or even close.

P.S. my system is otherwise VERY stable. my best so far is 4 days straight of 100% processor usage with SETI@home.

system specs:
athlon 1200C
asus a7v133
512MB of PC150 Kingmax SDRAM
tnt2 pro graphics card
SB live player
52x CD
40gig ibm 60GXP as primary master (not on promise controller)
16.8gig ibm 16.8GP backup drive primary slave
12x ricoh burner
netcom 56k modem.

latest bois (1005a)
win 2k pro
Via 4in1 4.32
detonator 12.40 drivers
latest sb drivers
system setup as APCI (ACPI?)
512MB system ram with 512-1024MB swap file allocated to primary 6gig partition (2.7 gig free)

i had been using RAMidle a week earlier, but that had given me grief so i had disabled it AND removed it from startup.

only other thing running was SETI@home in the background.
total ram usage (not including UT) about 100 meg.
UT ram usage after i closed UT down and restarted ~ 128mb.

WHAT THE HELL would cause UT to suddenly go nuts and use soooo much ram, physical and swap file???
it was running for about 10-15 minutes quite happily till it just went CHUG.
ive had this problem now 3 times with UT (the other two i had to reboot)
with need for speed 5 it happens every time. regardless of what else is running.


AMD chips run hot. The world is getting hotter. Therefore, AMD is causing Global Warming!
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  1. try the 4.29 drivers. i read of problems like yours over on anandtech.
    try it and let me know as i posted earlier about this and never got any replies it would be great if i could have helped.

    out of ideas, back soon !
  2. Hey aussie...hehe....anyway check ya bios and make sure that ya runnin basic cas 3 for safety, I dont think in Oz that there is real stuff around for cas 2 ? Just had a real big lesson in Ram, anyway if im wrong ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yeah yeah,,,,,,,,,,,, Please let me know....

    ~OMG IT nearly melted, lucky I had the extra fan *inside* ~
  3. Is there any reason to go that hard? Me personnally, well Iam happy 1G, WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT MORE!

    ~OMG IT nearly melted, lucky I had the extra fan *inside* ~
  4. ONLY A NEWBIE, TELL ME TO GO GET stufed thats cool! hehe Se iam no nerdz, just an engineer in another area..yeha...lol

    ~OMG IT nearly melted, lucky I had the extra fan *inside* ~
  5. what is your RAM:pagefile ratio? it should be 1:1.5 at least. also, how fragmented is the pagefile?
  6. Thank you all for answering.
    hopefully i have found the solution... as nothing has gone wrong yet *madly touches wood*

    yes. i know about the via 4.28 driver problems. I HAD THEM and basically reinstalled everything from scratch. im using 4.32 now.
    my page file was basically unfragmented, and was set to vary between 512mb - 1024mb.

    to Mr scotty, YES there is CAS 2 ram around in australia. Check out the ad's in the Green Guide.
    it goes by the name KINGMAX :)
    and its not my ram running at cas2 & 150Mhz thats the problem.
    if i can run seti@home for 4 days straight on 150 cas 2 i think it can be called 'error free'. yet after x days, i play UT and it [-peep-] up in half an hour.

    1. i ditched the pain in the ass graphics card. i did this cauz its given me problems in the past and i think its also responsible for other 3d games just locking up (NOTE: with FSB @ 150, PCI = 37.5 & AGP = 75). the poor old tnt2 didnt agree with 75mhz.
    i now have a geforce2 pro. nice card. now the only real legacy items in my system is the IBM 16.8GP drive and my monitor/keyboard/mouse

    at the same time i hunted down DirectX and the new Nvidia CERTIFIED detonator 12.41 drivers :)

    so i think the problem has finally gone.
    in retrospect i believe it may have been an issue with DirectX 8.0 *grumbles*
    some dodgey code in there maybe conflicting and cuazing lockups/memory overflows.
    ill keep you up to date. you will be SURE to hear from me if anything else goes fugger-ish.

    AMD chips run hot. The world is getting hotter. Therefore, AMD is causing Global Warming!
  7. Its called "memory leak". I posted something a few months ago about this. Most likely caused by incompatability in your AMD system.
    Break your system down and remove all devices that are non-essential and try again.

    You get what you pay for. Yes, you purchased a cheap system =P
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