Enter key works weird on my keyboard.

Hello guys!
`I have a great issue with my keyboard(BTC 6300cl).
`As you see, while I am pressing enter key in browser, notepad, ms word, or any program on my Win7, enter key ads ` symbol after every pressing.
`How to resolve it?

`It is very annoying, really.
`P.S. If there is no solution for the problem, can you advise me this keyboard replacement? I mean white colour with backlight.
`Thank you! :bounce:
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  1. The simplest way to check if it's a fault with the keyboard is to try and borrow one or even buy a dirt-cheap one just for testing purposes. Plug it in and try the <Enter> key.
    If there is no problem with that, your BTC6300 is obviously faulty.

    You can replace the BTC6300 with any keyboard. Have a look online for something similar.
    Open Google Search and type illuminated white keyboard into the search bar and press <Enter>.
  2. If he presses enter while in the browser he'll get the ` symbol so he may have to select the search button.
    That symbol that you keep getting when the enter key is pressed is the same one that's on the lower of the ~ key. Could be that the maping of the keyboard is somehow messed up.


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