Help on Deciding on P4 or Athlon

I need a new computer soon, my old one got stolen :(

I used it mostly for 3D Max and Photoshop, maybe some games like Diablo 2.

So which one P4 1.7G or Athlon 1.4G ?

What I want to know is which of the two is more stable ? That is Windows doesn't crash too many times ? Performance also taken into consideration but if it crash alot than its no use :(

I heard all the good review about Athlon, but I never build an Athlon system before, I heard it takes abit more experience, since Athlon doesn't have thermal diode, in case I stuff up. Is Athlon system more stable and more hassle free than P4 ?

I don't mind spending money, if it is well spend, but I hate spending money on garbage. Especially RDRAM ?

Is P4 all that bad or is it RDRAM is the caused ??

I definetly can't wait another week. :(

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  1. Athlon is much better in 3D studio max and a little better in photoshop
  2. They both will perform so close you'll probably never see the difference except for a slight difference in benchmarks. The athlon gives you more for your $. If you want you can buy bundles which include the cpu and fan already installed from

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    My system: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  3. Yeah I am leaning toward Atlon too.

    Its alot cheaper than P4 system. I could defenitely used more RAM, maybe 512MB or even more. And with that RDRAM it could get pretty expensive.

    Is Athlon stable though ?? I am afraid that its going to crash alot if not build properly.

  4. its stable if you use Asus A7A 266 or Asus A7M 266
  5. Is the MSI K7T Turbo-L 266FSB stable, if you don't want a DDR solution ? If not what is a better options ?

    I was thinking of getting 1 Gig of RAM. I still think with photoshop and 3D MAX, memory size still matter more than memory speed. Am I right ?

    And those DDR solution only goes up to 512 MB.

    And I couldn't find Asus A7A 266, I don't think its out yet near my place.

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