I love Asus but...This might help allot of you

This mornings tech fax states, Asus has shipped countless motherboards with bug in PCI slots.

Thousands of motherboards for Intel and AMD have shipped with known problems. PCI slots do not PNP sound cards, video cards, game devices, and misc other cards properly.

Motherboards effected:
All AMD based motherboards built after Jan 9, 2001
all P4T, P4T-m, CUSL2-c

New BIOS will be posted later this month.

Solution, go into your device manager and delete the problemed device, reboot and enter bios. turn PNP off and restart. re-setup device. If this does not fix it, move the PCI card to slot 4 and try again. PCI slot 1/5 are shared IRQ and 2,3,4 are autoassigned upon card insertion with PNP on.

Most commonly effected cards are sound cards, and the joystick/midi port. This list was too long to retype, so I will name a few cards that are common by chipset.

SB (all models), MX80~400, ESS, Aureal V1 and V2, and anything with those chips onboard.
Cards with "Mutltifunction parent", Cards with bios onboard (nic, PCI video,...)

RMA's will not be issued, this problem wil be fixed with bios update.
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  1. I have a problem like that, Windows keeps on detecting "Unknown PCI Storage Controller", when all I have is my sound card and 10.100 ehternet card. Probably has nothing to do with this problem, though.....

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  2. Quote:
    Windows keeps on detecting "Unknown PCI Storage Controller", when all I have is my sound card and 10.100 ehternet card.

    It'd probably refer to <font color=blue>Promise controller</font color=blue> on board? In mine, when I installed its driver, it stopped to give this message.

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  3. My parents P3 Dell on an Intel MB did the same thing. It detected an "Unknown SCSI device" and an "Unknown PCI device". All the PCI devices were installed, and there is no SCSI in the entire house.

    Ah, the mysteries of computers.

    BTW, thanks for the post Fugger.

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  4. BUMP

    Heading home, making sure more people see this in case they are having trouble.
  5. a lot of scanners emulate scsi, even though they are Parallel or USB, this may have been the cause.

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  6. Yeah, it was a parallel scanner causing it, but even when I took it away it kept happening.

    And it happened on my computer, too. Athlon-based. Kept showing an "Unkown Multimedia Device". It went away after a while.

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  7. FatBurger:
    I work with P3's and P4's at work, and when we do the W2K installs, they always come up with an unknown PCI device. After lots of researching and talks with Gateway (whom we buy the PC's from), the PCI device turns out to be the chipset controller!

    We have to manually install it from the Gateway support CD (it has its own separate setup file, that's why windows driver update won't find it).

    According to the readme, it's supposed to be for the following chipsets:
    Intel(R) 810 Chipset
    Intel(R) 810E Chipset
    Intel(R) 815 Chipset
    Intel(R) 815E Chipset
    Intel(R) 815EM Chipset
    Intel(R) 820 Chipset
    Intel(R) 820E Chipset
    Intel(R) 840 Chipset
    Intel(R) 430TX PCIset
    Intel(R) 440BX AGPset
    Intel(R) 440DX AGPset
    Intel(R) 440EX AGPset
    Intel(R) 440GX AGPset
    Intel(R) 440LX AGPset
    Intel(R) 440MX Chipset
    Intel(R) 440ZX AGPset
    Intel(R) 850 Chipset

    and supposed to provide proper support for AGP, USB, ISAPNP, and ATA 33/66.
  8. Ok, that might be so for my parents P3, but my Athlon on a Via KT133a still does it.

    I don't care about the solution, since it's not really a problem (for me personally). I just didn't want people freaking out for no reason.

    My Athlon can beat your Ferrari off the line.
  9. Whoa this is very rare from Asus. There quality is usually top notch. Are we gonna see a public release of this problem or will it be kept for the OEM's and system builders only?
  10. Quote:
    New BIOS will be posted later this month.

    My Athlon can beat your Ferrari off the line.
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