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hello guys, i just bought a new laptop and i was wondering if you guys could shed some light on my purchase.

I bought a Hp pavilion dv7-4167ca

phenom II p940 (1.7ghz 2mb L2)
6gb dd3 (1033)
ati mobility 5650 (1024mb dd3 dedicated)
500gb (7200rpm)
blu-ray w/ lightscribe
9 cell batt

I spent $840.51 in total on it.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any better deals for this price range (this was the best i could find locally) also i was lost as to why it scored so low on the passmark performance test (64 bit) it only scored ~750. i just uninstalled a lot of their factory software (they refused to send me the oem reinstallation disk. i hate that bundled crap) so im re running with the 32 bit application. any input would help me decide if i want to keep this (still have 12 days to return)

EDIT: I re-ran the test with the 32 bit application and it seems to be doing worse. This time i scored 675. It seems that the cpu and the memory are the bottle neck (compared to similar results that i downloaded) Is this an issue with the processor ? or is it just an issue with this specific benchmark and cpu. As far as i can tell this cpu (p940) has an issue with single thread applications. can any one expand on this for me ?

Thanks in advance

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