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I'm trying to fix my mom's Lenovo B570. I did a disk cleanup, defrag, and ran a full anti-malware scan. After cleaning off 122 malware items, I restarted the laptop for it to take affect. After entering her password, it's stuck on the welcome screen. Even my dad, who's been in IT for 30 years, can't help me. I've done a forced shut down, but that didn't work and I can't bring up the task manager.
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    Hello... stick in the OS disk and do a boot section repair.
  2. Mom didn't listen and tried another forced shut down by removing the battery. Now the screen is black. What do I do now, without telling her she's an idiot? She has no tech skills to speak of.
  3. She did another forced shut down and booted up in safe mode. Then she did a system recovery panel, which thinks that the latest JAVA update did it. Running a system restore to remove the update and restore the laptop to prior status before the update.
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