Possible to "Hijack" school computer with portable harddrive?

Hey guys, its been a long time for me since I've posted on here. I have a bit of an issue with the Windows 7 computers at school. I would like to essentially "hijack" the components and run my own harddrive with its components. This could possibly work if I could get the computer to recognize my harddrive as the main and had Windows 7 running on it, but these computers are very secure and don't allow access to bios and don't allow writing to the registry at all.

My main issue is that I have installed some games on me harddrive but it won't allow access for slight registry modification for the games to boot. I want to run some light video games on these computers in my spare time here and the computers are much more powerful than my netbook. Does anyone know of any solutions to this problem?
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  1. NO help with HACKING here its against Toms rules...
  2. Anyone with a useful answer?
  3. plunix said:
    Anyone with a useful answer?
    Sure to reiterate to help you understand what Brett told you, read the TOS -- NO HELP WITH HACKING HERE!
  4. I said useful, not useless.
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