Windows Installer crashes everytime?

Everytime I try to download something windows installer will crash while its opening up the download. I've been on many sites and have been trying to fix it for the past 2 days but nothing will work, and I'm getting frustrated. I've already tried unregistering it and re-registering it, deleting machinethrottling or renaming it, anything thats been in a forum I've done and it hasn't made a difference.
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  1. Kat,
    Lets clear things up here, because the wording in your post is a bit confusing.
    You have windows running yes or no. Your trying to download something.
    It finishes and you try to install it.
    First of all it may not be windows at fault.

    For example if the download is compressed with say a .rar extension or a .zip then it is a compressed file.
    So you have to first install a program to uncompressed it before trying to install it in windows.

    If the case you will need to install Winzip, or winrar to windows by downloading thoes programs, and installing them into windows 7 ect first of all, to handle that process.

    As windows does not by default contain the programs to do it.

    You have to extract the files, contained in the .rar or .zip files/ folder from it through,or via winrar, or the winzip programs. Or can run it through them to install it if the extension is a .rar or .zip extension.

    Eg: Hello.rar or as as the extension.

    That .rar or .zip extension relates to the program that must be used to preform the extraction of compressed files, if they are.
    Winrar .rar extension
    winzip . zip extension

    Extract the files to a folder on the hard drive example c:\ my download. as the save extraction folder for the files, click on the extract button or option in say winrar or winzip program.

    Then once done go, to the folder where it put them c:\ my download as the example, and run the extracted files from there in the folder you created.

    So have a check on the file extension if it says .rar or .zip.

    If it is the case then that is your solution.

    Compressed files often confuse people, and they cannot be run unless the program is installed to extract them.

    So windows can understand it, and get around to installing them.
  2. Open an administrative command prompt by searching start menu for cmd then right-click and run as administrator. Type this: sfc /scannow

    It should take between 15-30 mins to complete.

    Once that has finished try running this Microsoft FixIt -
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