Alright, I was taking off my water block and i hear this snapping noise. Immediately i think - "Oh [-peep-] I crushed the core". So I take the waterblock off and sure enough - the stop left corner was cracked off a little bit (about a .5mm chunk). Well I immediately put the waterblock back on and - IT STILL WORKS!! I don't dare take my waterblock off again, in case it cracks even more, and next time I doubt I will be so lucky.

Grass is a beautiful weed.
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  1. Gesh, this is becoming an epidemic around hear. Good things the cpu's are dirt cheap now days. What do you think you did to cause it to crack? Good for us to know so that we don't inadvertantly do the same but have a key chain instead.
  2. Well it was the screwdriver I was using. My waterblock has the water inlet and outlet on the top, extended by copper tubes about 10 inches. the screw to loosen it is way down on the waterblock itself. so my hand kept bumping the copper tubing and cracked it (the waterblock was also too tight I think. damn clip)

    Grass is a beautiful weed.
  3. hmmmmm, good thing you didn't use LockTight. So maybe using a thread lubricant would help keep the critical screws from binding up. Sorry to here this, hopefully you will get the full use out of it before you upgrade. I have a feeling you will upgrade to an Intel product next time, that is if the performance/price ratio is right.
  4. if they dont charge too much like they have been lately.

    Grass is a beautiful weed.
  5. You could always JB-weld a heat spreader on it to put an end to the chipping. That's why they did it with the K6 series I think.

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  6. OMFG,not again,Well at least you didnt have
    a nuclear meltdown like some of your projects that
    have gone way wrong (LOL)not very funny though.
    At least the FKing thing still works,thats good.
    I can always count on the Great GRIZ to keep
    me in suspence till the next project rolles around.

    Rock out with your AMD out
  7. Easy on the caffine buddy...

    - Tempus fugit donec vestrum relictus tripudium. Autem amor praeterea magis pretium.
  8. LOL

    I've had too many problems, i think the computer gods spared me this time.

    Grass is a beautiful weed.
  9. Yeah, it was your sacrifice of the new-in-box Cyrix.

    My Athlon can beat your Ferrari off the line.
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