UPS battery.

My UPS was not giving proper back up. I thought that its problem with battery. So i replaced with new one. But the problem was not rectified. UPS is shutting when supply goes. Please help me.

Thanking for all replays..
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  1. What type of UPS do you have? Is it emitting any type of beep codes?
  2. What do you mean that the PS is shutting when supply goes ? The UPS is designed to give a small amount of time in a power loss to properly save and close your work. Most lower and medium priced UPS will give you 5 min depending on what you have plugged in to it.
  3. i think he means that when the power goes off the battery backup is not providing power to the system.

    this makes me think of two scenarios:

    -the ups has an issue with either charging the batteries or switching out to battery power when the power goes out.

    -your system draws too much power for the backup to handle.


    i have a $250 apc battery backup hooked up to an i7 gtx470 system and i get less than 6 minutes of time at a draw rate of approximately 330w. if you have a cheaper unit it is highly likely that you exceed the limits of the battery backup.
  4. no sound is emitting by UPS. I am using V-guard UPS. Type in the sence???
  5. Like everything else, UPS units also have an end-of-life. Time to replace the UPS.
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