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Keyboard buttons not working (weird problem?)


I have a weird problem with my Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000.
Every key works fine except for the Z and the C button. I tried removing the keys and looking under but there is nothing stuck under and it presses fine just like any other buttons.
In some days, the Z and C button will work. On other days it would not.
On the days it would not work, if I hold the Z button for ~1 minute, after that minute it would begin to start working again. (same with the C button).

Does anyone know what is wrong with the keys?
I have tried this on another USB port and the problem is still the same.
I had no problems with the keyboard until a few weeks ago. (owned the keyboard for a year)

Thanks for the help!
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  1. How old is the keyboard ?
  2. Approximately 1 1/2 years.


    Some additional details:
    I never spilled water on it and it was working fine until recently (this past month).
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    Underneath all the keys are small contacts that respond to your pressing of the key , if the z and c key are excessivly used then they coould become unresponsive.
    However when they test the keys for longevity they usually will last for thousands and thousands of key presses.

    A lot of keyboards will come with a warranty and some for up to 3 years , so you may want to check and see if it's still under warranty.
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