Asus VH23#H (2/6/8)

I was looking to pick one of these up to use (mostly gaming and web browsing).

Is there much a difference between the versions to warrant a price difference (158, 160, 174 respectively on amazon)?

I'm thinking of going with the VH238H since it's not much more but wanted to check.

Also, how is the sound quality on them? I don't expect anything amazing but I've seen some reviews on newegg that say it is terrible.
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  1. That monitor looks good and it has a $20 rebate , it has all the ports for connections and a good refresh rate.
    The speakers are something that maybe should be not depended on for gaming and I think that monitor speakers are very basic and just used for Windows sounds and things that you don't want quality sound for.
    I would use a nice set of computer speakers or a nice headset for quality sound.
    Monitor manufacturers try to make a monitor for every feature set so that when someone is looking for certian feature combination there will be a model for that.
    You have to look closely at each monitor to see the differences and that's what drives the different prices.

    The monitor you have selected looks very good and I have recomended the very same one to many people looking for a 24" monitor.
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