Best ssd for windows 7?

What is the best budget ssd for windows 7!I have $300.00 to spend on it!It is my first and do i need an adapter?

Thanks for your help!
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    I installed this with Windows 7 64 about two months ago. My apps and OS load so much faster. This drive made my main system much faster to sit at. SSD wil be mainstream soon and one of the most common performance upgrades out there. I highly recommend this drive. Win 7 64 and all my apps was about 30GB. You may need more space than 80gigs. There is a 160GB version available, but over your budget. I'll try and post some benchmarks of my drive later.
  2. Sounds perfect thanks badge!placed my order i'll let you know how it runs!
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  4. Hey that's great. You will LOVE that SSD. I'll post some benchmarks later if I'm too tired after work this afternoon.
  5. Thanks i'll look forward to it!Once again thanks!
  6. Random bench of the Intel X25-M 80GB SSD. I was using the system while the bench ran, but the bench shows -1 CPU usage. Same for the WD250 SATA drive though.

    This is the bench of the 250GB WD SATA drive on the same system for comparision. Simple tests, but they point to the obvious.

    Access time reality check!
  7. Thanks badge, looks great ,appreciate the time you gave me on this one!
  8. Artice about the TRIM feature which your drive is equipted with from the box. many drives need a firmware update for TRIM capability.

    Download Intel software utility for the drive.
  9. OK thanks for the extra info badge!
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