How to turn on the wireless switch on my computer?

my WLAN is not coming on at all for the past two days ..can you help ??
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  1. Ok at some point despite you may have a switch on the laptop to turn the wireless device on or off it I take it it`s not working.
    first of all can you tell me what operating system is installed and running on the laptop.
    1. Windows XP
    2.Windows Vista
    3. Windows 7
    4. Windows 8

    You can click on the start button or the start pearl as we call it in windows 7.

    Then to the right, you should see control panel, so click on that.

    Once the window opens up on the desktop, click on the system and security Icon displayed in the window.

    Where it says system, to the far right, click on the words device manager.
    A new window will open. look down the list and locate network adapters in the list.
    Left double click on there.

    It will open up and should display the devices to connect to the internet, wireless adapter
    Right click on it and select enable.

    It should work then/ turn the device on.

    Remember once done, you will have to select what wireless network you wish to connect to, and if it has a password lock to put it in in order for you to connect if it asks you for one.
    If windows has not remembered or stored the password you first put in to connect to it, you will have to enter it again to connect to the network via the wireless adapter ok.
  2. jacqui1000 said:
    my WLAN is not coming on at all for the past two days ..can you help ??

    What is the make/model of your computer? This will help play an integral part in identifying the potential source of your issue.

    If it's a laptop, it could be a hardware switch, software switch, or misconfiguration in the BIOS.
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