Wireless Mouse [Logitech M510] Problems

So, hopefully someone can shed some light. I have two Logitech M510's. One came with a keyboard that I bought, and has not functioned well since I picked it up, resulting in moving to a 300 series mouse. A friend of mine got me a new one for Christmas, another M510. This time it worked reasonably well, but after a time, it started functioning poorly to a point where I had to switch out mice, back to the 300 series.

I took them both to work (both 510's) and plugged them into my laptop here and here's where the interest comes in. One works on a mouse pad, but nowhere else. The other works on only my pant leg. Neither of them worked on any surface I could find at home (cardboard, wood, mousepad, paper, pant leg, shirt). Yet, the other wireless mouse I had seemed to work just fine. Do I just need to get used to the idea that these 510's, despite how wonderfully the second one worked for me originally, are junk? Is there anything else I can try?

(They are both unifying, and I will be trying another unifying receiver for the laughs to see if it changes anything.)

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  1. Is there any settings that your able to adjust ? Like lift off adjust which allows a certian amount of lift with the mouse or a surface sensitivity which allows you to adjust for different surfaces from smooth to semi-rough ?
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  2. Are you talking through the Logitech software? I'll try downloading it and see what happens (don't usually install it, but it doesn't bother me to)
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  3. Most of the higher end mice like Logitech , Razer and so on will come with software and that software is a series of settings that you can do with the mouse if the mouse also comes with some onboard memory.
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  4. Okay, I downloaded the software, and one of the mice I'm convinced is garbage. The other one /seems/ to be working a lot better (it still hesitates a little bit, even at the top speed), but I will let you know if that changes once I get home.

    (Don't know why I didn't think to try that, but like I said, I've not installed their software in some time because I never found a use for it.
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  5. I don't use all the software features but there are some that come in handy.
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  6. Well, a bit of an update.

    One mouse seems to work on a mousepad and a pant leg, while the other one intermittently works on a pant leg. Installing the drivers seem to work all right, and optical mice work perfectly. I'm really at a loss here. Is it just something I'm going to deal with, and start using my optical mouse again if I want reliability?
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  7. Well, Logitech is going to replace it; should be receiving it any day now. They don't seem to find interest in the idea that it doesn't make any that I have two broken ones straight out of the box. Any other suggestions?
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  8. So was it just a defective mouse? My 510m doesn't work on mouse pads, the desk, paper pads, notebooks, etc. either. It does work on my pant leg, the sofa, and some cloth ideams. I will see if I can return it to Staples for a new one. Thanks for posting your problems.
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  9. I had this same problem. I called customer support and they told me how to fix it. First, try cleaning the laser lens with a dry cotton swab. If this doesn't work try taking the batteries out, then hold down the left mouse button while clicking the right mouse button 5 times. This should reinitialize the mouse. It worked for me. Good Luck.
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