Dvi (Laptop) to HDMI (HdTv)

Hi there everyones !

After 2 days of internet reading and troubleshooting im at a lost here !

Let me explain the situation, I hope I can get some help over here :)

I have an Aspire 5680 with an old Ge Force 7600 (Yeah baby !)

Its plugged with a Dvi to HDMI cable to my Panasonic Hd TV

It has been working for about ... 1 or 2 years no probs !

then one morning, it stopped working !!

So I tryed to format my Laptop

I Installed the latest Nvidia Drivers

I messed around the screen settings

I tryed a different HDMI Input on the TV

I tryed to plug a monitor on the laptop's dvi -> Worked

I tryed my desktop pc on the Dvi to Hdmi cable to the tv -> Worked

so everythings seams to work but my laptop wont show on the TV

Its only a black screen ?!

Im really scratching my head over this and theres not seams to be any posts regards this on the net hehe.

Right now I just went online and bought a 2x cable Dvi To Hdmi in case...

But if anyone can help me out It would be reallllly appreciated

Thanks !

- Jack
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  1. When you tried the computer to the tv connection were you using the very same cable that you were using with the laptop to tv connection ?
  2. Same old cable :(
  3. Well that makes it very odd then because as you tested both laptop and tv with different combinations and confirmed that they both work and even the cable works , makes it very strange.
    When you have the laptop connected to the tv , have you gone through the inputs to see if it may have swicthed inputs on you for some reason?
  4. Yup ! I tryed every inputs and tryed the cable in a different HDMI port on the TV also
  5. Great News ! Switching cables did the trick ! mouhehehe !
  6. Well that's odd because of your testing of the old cable was working with the computer and not the laptop.
    Good to hear that you got your issue resolved and it didn't cost much , just a new cable.
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