How to increase microphone volume in compaq laptop

I simply just need to know how to increase the microphone recording level in a compaq laptop. I'm assuming that since the microphone meter measure on the sound page has a sound level meter bar at a certain size, then the volume should at least be able to go up enough to the point where the level could light up more than just 20% of the bar! Most devices with a sound meter are built to deliver a sound that could at least fill up / light up the entire sound meter measurer, not just 20% of it.

The meter is somewhat like this; |||||||||| except vertical. However, the highest the mic in recording volume will go is; ||-------| . Now I'm thinking, it's got to be able to do better than that. I have the mixer connected to it on full power blast, yet on the Compaq laptop it still wont even reach max in my recording software!
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  1. What operating system please. and DO NOT POST YOUR E-MAIL. Spammers will scoop it up.

    Check the advanced options for a mic boost option.
  2. Well I'm surely glad I received an email because I completely forgot (or never even knew in the first place) the website address to this site. I found it through google. Anyway, for a few days, I hesitated to try again with the volume issue, thinking that I'd never figure it out or that it couldn't be done. Then, one day, something told me to try again. No luck when I adjusted the settings. I shut down and that was it. The next day, for some reason, the higher mic volume settings worked! Not sure what's different or what happened, but the settings are working now - and I don't have to restart or anything for different mic settings to take effect. This Compaq is still extremely slow sometimes and "likes to freeze" and tell me a plug in has stopped working, but at least, miraculously, all the recording & dj stuff works flawlessly.
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