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3d Movie Requirements

Help me please..

I want to watch 3d movie. i dont know if my devices are capable of playing 3D Movies.

My computer:

Monitor: Samsung P2270G 21.5"
Vid Card: 9400GT but my intel i5 has HD2500 GPU.. witch one should i use?
3d Glasses: i don't have yet. i dont know what to buy..

if my computer does not meet the requirement needed. please let me know the items to buy..

(Sorry for wrong grammars, im not good speaking english)
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    First you have to have a monitor that's capable of 3D nd I don't think that you have that.
    Second is that you do need the 3D glasses.

    If you look at the monitors on this web page you will see a selection of monitors that are 3D and if you buy a 3D monitor sometimes they include the glasses.
  2. You may also want to use the Intel HD 2500 for 3D since I don't think that the 9400GT supports 3D.
  3. Thanks for the information. so the priority are the monitor and 3D glasses, since you said that my HD2500 is capable.. Thanks again inzone.
  4. Your welcome.
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