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Hey guys I was just sitting on my bed next to my computer when I saw something weird happen, my aero theme turned off and my CPU and GPU temps both started to rise. I saw my CPU temps getting higher than I normally see them go even while gaming so I reached over and wiggle my mouse around a little. My theme went back to aero and the temps went right back down to idle. Anyone know what this could have been? I'm extremely scared to leave my PC on when I leave the house now thinking that it might overheat.
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  1. The computer may have been putting your GPU and CPU in idle state mode. It happens on mine all the time (it's a power conservation method) but goes right back to normal when I wake it.

    Get you a hardware monitoring program such as HWMonitor or HWInfo and set it to monitor the system and see if it throttles back down shortly after doing this or not.
  2. Windows will sometimes update your Windows Experience Index rating when the computer is idle, and that will temporarily disable Aero to do the testing.

    That testing would also cause your CPU and GPU to heat up since they are being tested.

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