Getting my pc to be playable on a hdtv

hello every one, i have recently built my first gaming pc with a GIGABYTE ud3h, i5 3570k, and a msi pe 670. i didnt buy a monitor right away but planed on buying one down the road but figured i could just play on my 25" vizio HDTV, it looks perfect on my xbox so i figured i could at least expect the same results, but instead it looks like crap, it is difficult to read text, i know since its not a monitor and dosent have as many pixels it wouldnt be as good a monitor but i can read the smallest text on my xbox with out problems, i have tried playing around with NVIDIA control panel resolutions but it does not seem to effect it much.

the tv is a va26lHDTV10

i am using a hdmi cable, same as my xbox.\

i also have had the problem with my laptop using a rgb cable but i thought it was just my laptops not just being able to handle the bigger screen.
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  1. Are you connecting to one of the inputs that is not the tv tuner, like Av1 , Av2 and so on ?
    If you go into the Nvidia control panel under change resolution and the change resolution sub menu you will sometimes have two selections in the resolution box. One being for monitors and the other being for tvs. If you have that then you might want to try the tv section of resolutions. If not then you can try the different resolutions that are available and even try the adjust imige settngs with preview and set it to quality.
  2. what is the resolution on the television?

    720p? below?

    keep in mind that 1024x768 (which is similar in resolution) while popular in the past for pc monitors looks like crap.

    on a 1080 tv or monitor you will notice a big difference.

    tvs also in general tend not to display text as crisp as monitors do.
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