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ok so i am comparing too laptops i do a good amount of gaming as i have a prety extencive gaming desktop however im looking for somthing inexpencive for gaming on the go and i have narrowed it down to 2 laptops now i just need to make up my mind
the laptops are as followed:

the first of the 2 has a intel core i3 @ 2.56ghz and a nvidia gt 540m 1gb gddr3 graphics card its priced at 600$
the 2nd has a amd phenom ii x4 2.2ghz quad core and an amd mobility radeon 6650m 1gb gddr3 graphics card priced slightly higher at 650$
they bouth have 4gb ddr3 ram at 1066mhz and 500gb 5400rpm hard drives and 15.6" 1366x768 displays

the first of the two has a slightly more powerful gpu for a lesser price and the only thing keeping me from hiting buy is will the lack of turbo boost on the core i3 with the hyperthreading (cuts it down to a 1.28ghz quad core) impact gaming significantly over the true quad core 2.2ghz phenom alternative when equiped with slightly lesser (5-10% depending on the game) graphics.

what about this one?

dual core phenom ii x2 3.0ghz with 6650m graphics i would think this is better than the phenom ii x4 2.2ghz for gaming. no?
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  1. Go with the second choice. If you could dish out more money, go for I-7 but if not, the second choice should make you very happy.
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