Best CPU for HAcking

What CPU is best for haxoring into peoples computers???
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  1. Macintosh Classic
  2. That would be a C64 u ass wipe.

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  3. how many mhz does a c64 have??? More than intels mhz?? How many teraflops can it do????
  4. jesus, im tired of this crap. its funny and all. i like the whole 'amd versus intel' thing. but cmon, man. its old, and its takin away from time that could be spent here workin on our skills and/or helping other people out. put your freakin energy towards something a little more grown up. know when you've crossed the line my friend.........

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  5. Let's see...a C64 was 2MHz, which means by the time your computer even realizes that you're into the server, you're already in the car with the FBI and they're starting to unplug your computer for evidence.

    My Athlon can beat your Ferrari off the line.
  6. I thought the Mac Classic had a 7mhz 68000 Motorola chip in it. Nice chip in its time first 32 bit desktop chip with a 16 bit memory bus/interface.
  7. Well the Hammer should be the best for hacking soon. I think it will be faster then the itanium that rcf84 praise so much. Well i dont know what EPIC vs CISC is about. Well Hammer is rumored to be out at 2ghz. Lets see here 800mhz itanium vs. 2ghz hammer no chance the itanium can win.

    AMD user's always have the edge !
  8. I wouldn't put too much stock in the respective clock speeds. Why does a 1.4 Tbird match a 1.8 P4? That's debateable, of course. But it makes my point.
    And Intel may very well have a higher clock speed by the time the Hammer comes out.

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  9. Sun Ultra Sparc 10.

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  10. does he work with windows????
  11. yep - openwindows!

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  12. He won't wash them, though.

    And for hacking, I'd say get a major university and use their computer network.

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  13. wanna learn to hack - use linux.
    Join a college and start learning c++ write small virus's see if you can log into the college servers change settings and log out again. If so way hay. I remember when my college system went down - we had five large buildings with about 200 or more computers in each - each building had a server which in turn were driven off a main central server if you will. The thing is the college were a bit stupid and used a star network - in which case the computers were connected indiviually to the server. as opposed to a ring network where workstations are joined to the server in a huge ring. if a virus is uploaded to a ring network then the network can be broken and the virus stops at the last computer it infects. In a star network all workstations recieve the virus at the same time. Destructive - college was unoperational for an entire month.

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  14. What a joke, Hammer is still a "software simulator"
    And its funny you claim vaporware kills a product that exists. GFG moron.

    Best CPU for hacking Timex Sinclair 1000a, everyone knows that. how do you think they haxord the gibson?
  15. fugger, Intel_Meltdown is rcf84, notice how all sentences start with <i>well</i>

    "AMD/ <i>still</i> are the weakest link, good bye!"
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