Sony Vaio Laptop w Windows 7 does not shut down ... help?

I have sony i3 laptop and now it is creating shut down problem i.e some time shut down some time never and the problem genearaly creates when i work continiously.
previously I was having hp laptop but it has never created such problems but the genearl opinion was that vaio is good so i replaced it, any how please solve the problem. What should I do now.
Hemendra Jain
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  1. Try doing a system restore
    open start . search for cmd i.e command prompt and then type rstrui.exe which open system restore. then u can easily follow the steps.

    Let me know if this solves your problem.
  2. It's time you take a look at everything running and starting up when your computer does.

    I would recommend using Autoruns.

    Not sure what all those things are? Go to HERE for help with identifying those pesky startup items.
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