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I am looking forward to purchasing one of the Korean monitors available on ebay and want to know how they fare when used with Photoshop,Maya, Max,Monet,Adobe After Effects and various other modelling and Vfx tools.

Please provide some inputs.

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  2. I have an Auria, which is basically the same thing. I don't use any of those programs, but I can still tell you a few things to keep in mind with one of these monitors. For one I can't see my BIOS on the Auria. I have a second monitor otherwise I would have to move my tower over to my tv to see my bios. The other thing is calibration took forever. Out of the box the contrast was way too high, too blue, and too dark. I looked up some forums and tried using other people's settings, but that didn't quite work out. The 2560x1440 resolution is an incredible difference from 1920x1080. Keep in mind you need either display port or dual link dvi to output 2560x1440. Hopefully someone will be able to describe using those programs with one of these monitors.
  3. Thanks for the reply wanderer11.I have a GTS 250 with two dual dvi ports.So it shouldn't be a problem

    My basic worry is how well will they handle those programs.That is the the only reason I want to go for the bigger screen area.
  4. Are you sure they are two dual link dvi ports? I have a feeling one is single link and one is dual link because that's how most cards are.
  5. They look the same from the outside and the specs page on nvidia says two dual link DVI ports
  6. If the specs say so then it must be. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
  7. @wanderer11: Thanks for the heads up.But I did check the card specs before checking the monitor.Although the card wont support gaming at that resolution all I need to know is whether I will be able to operate the software I mentioned in my first post.

    Current Update:Still have not purchased the monitor, looking for some positive reviews with regards to the mentioned software before the purchase.

    Please help people
  8. I already have a 1440p display (S27A850D) but I am also interested in how one of those korean monitors would go in apps like Max and PS.

    I can tell you that 1440p is ideal for this sort of design work but AFAIK the models you are referring to would definitely need a proper calibration with a colorimeter if you require colour accuracy in your work.

    It really depends on you, but if I were using all of the software you mentioned but just starting out or for a hobby thing then I would grab a korean IPS and give it a decent calibration.

    If you are planning on doing more serious work then go for something more reliable with proven brands like Dell or Samsung.

    Also make sure the chosen monitor is absolutely compatible with your graphics card/outputs as I have read of people having difficulties with some setups.

    Good luck and please post your impressions should you take the plunge!

    EDIT: Just looking at the specs of your graphics card, you may have trouble displaying complex scenes in the viewport of Max at 2560x1440. I am currently using a GTX 580 3GB which performs well but you might want to seek out benchmark comparisons to give you an idea of what to expect.

    Remember the GPU will need to churn out nearly twice the number of pixels compared to a 1080p resolution.
  9. The name brands are way to expensive,but now these korean brands and making use of their fame and prices their have doubled as well.

    I might have to go for a newer Gfx card sometime down the line.But a monitor upgrade is the first to happen.

    I just need some first hand experience of someone who has used these monitors with the software I mentioned.

    Hopefully the I can get the funds arranged soon.
  10. I wanted to know how the Auria and Nixeus brand monitors work with video and photo editing softwares that I mentioned in my first post.Can someone please provide some insight.
  11. Hi kroeger,

    Sorry I couldn't answer your specific questions but I am just curious as to what exactly you are trying to find out here?

    It seems you have researched into whether your graphics card will support these korean monitors @ 1440p. Check. To my knowledge these monitors are IPS so the potential for colour-accuracy is there. Check.

    The only other thing I can think of right now is the risk of dead/stuck pixels or backlight bleed/IPS glow which could be a problem if you need to return the monitor to Korea to get a replacement. I'm not sure if these monitors even come with any kind of warranty.

    Apart from that it's just a monitor, pretty much ANY modern monitor will display all of your software so what else are you wanting to know?

    Hope this helps.
  12. I have heard the ips monitors suffer from huge input lags.Does this affect video editing software like Adobe After Effects ,Monet, Real flow,Pf track and various other modelling software like Maya and Max and other Vfx tools like Mocha etc.
  13. Well compared to a TN gaming monitor the input lag is likely to be worse with most IPS monitors. However I remember when the various brands of these Korean monitors first became popular it was because people had discovered that certain models could be overclocked to 120 Hz or even more.

    This to some meant the holy grail of gaming displays with the quality of IPS, the resolution of 1440 plus the buttery smoothness of 120 Hz.

    As you mentioned, it was not long until sellers realized they could double the price of these monitors just because enthusiasts would still pay a premium for the technology.

    But to get back to your question, IMO even the Korean IPS monitors that do not have the potential to overclock the refresh rate would still perform very well in video editing, 3D software and other VFX tools.

    Anyway, to be safe you should first find a certain model or seller on ebay or whatever then use google for research regarding the specs of input lag etc.

    Here is just one article that may help you with your choice. These monitors have made quite a stirring on many online forums so you shouldn't have much trouble finding the info you need.


    As a final note, the main thing that had turned me away from these otherwise fantastic displays is the build quality which seems to be lacking compared to the AAA brands.

    Good luck!
  14. I believe Nixeus and Auria are made in the US and have better quality.There is just no information about them being used with video editing softwares.
  15. Ah ok. Well I really can't see why it wouldn't be fine.

    Is there any info on input lag or response times with these models?
  16. These figures are from the Anandtech review.

    The input lag is 18.4ms and the pixel response time is a total of 23.6ms to rise and fall, so 11.8ms to completely change from one color to another. This gives us an overall lag number of 30.2ms, or almost two full frames in a standard 60fps game.

    How would this affect video editing.
  17. Right, well according to TFT CENTRAL, my S27A850D showed average input lag of 28ms. Also was tested to have 5ms grey-to-grey (im not sure if that's exactly the same test that AnandTech did with the model you are looking at) so I guess my Samsung has overall lag of 33ms.

    Someone more knowledgeable could jump in if I am incorrect in my calculations but it looks like the 1440p monitor I use mostly for 3D modelling and animation and some video editing would have more lag in general. So far I have not experienced any issues that would affect productivity in a negative way.
  18. Here's the review of my 1440p monitor I have quoted from for all the details:

  19. Editing is done on single frames.The only thing thats stopping me is the how this lag affects video editing.If anyone can provide some more information it would be really helpful.

    @Trist_58:Thanks for your replies.They were helpful.Have you faced any problems with animations.Any frame based problems?
    Your monitor is 120$ more than the Nixeus monitor.I have already stretched my budget to get the Nixeus.The only problem with going Korean is the warranty.It stretches into months to fix problems.
  20. No problems kroeger.

    I have had my Samsung for around a year and cannot remember a time when it had issues that prevented me from doing what I wanted to do. As I wanted my colours to be more accurate I decided on an X-Rite colorimeter which turned out to be a good investment.

    From what I have seen the Nixeus looks decent. I agree about the Korean models, they are probably good value for gaming but the lack of warranty kills the deal.

    FYI just now I loaded a 1080p video clip into Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 (64 bit) and my monitor certainly keeps up with the rest of my system. Moving from one frame to the next is instant from what I can tell, so I doubt the display would be the bottleneck in video editing.

    I hope someone can jump in and give you more insight but I think you will love the upgrade. IPS + 1440p is awesome.
  21. Thats why I want to go with IPS+1440.I hope there are more replies.Video editing is the only reason for going with the bigger monitor.
  22. Latest update:

    Decided to go with Dell or Hp

    Deciding with between the U2713H and U2713HM or the Hp ZR2740w v2

    How do I decide which one to go with?

    Please help.Thank you
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