Athlon 1.2 an OCing - trouble

Morning all,

So last night, when I should've been sleeping, I decided to play with overclocking my Athlon 1.2 GHz system. The result: Well, I didn't screw anything up.
However, as you can probably tell, the overclocking didn't work! For one, the die on my 1.2GHz chip was pink, not blue or green. For another, all of my L1 bridges appeared, under magnification, to be connected - NOT broken as most articles say they are.
My DFI AK76-SN mobo which uses the Via KT133 chipset (I think), has two switches on it - solely for the purpose of overclocking. One allows you to manually set the core voltage, the other allows you to set the clock multiplier for the processor. Unfortunately, when I took the multiplier switches off of auto, the system never even hit post. No configuration would work.
The possible setting are anywhere from 5x to 12.5x in increments of .5. A few questions - does anyone know if my L1 bridges could possibly be broken, even though I thought they looked connected? Does anyone know anything about the "pink" die? Using the manual switch setting, wouldn't the maximum clock multiplier of 12.5x only allow me to overclock to 12.5 GHz? AND - do I have to use the BIOS provided by DFI, or can I download a "generic" BIOS (The DFI BIOS doesn't allow for setting the multiplier within it).
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You have to use the BIOS provided by that company for that motherboard. Check if there's an updated version, it's very possible.

    Most Athlons you buy now have the L1 bridges uncut (mine did, one I picked out for my friend did).

    And I've been wondering about the pink die too. The one I picked out for my friend (a 1.2/266 Axia 'Y', manufactured in the 19th week of 2001, or the 1st week of April), has a pink die.

    My Athlon can beat your Ferrari off the line.
  2. I think we got the same run of Athlon chips. Mine was AXIA as well, not sure of the manufacturing week, though.

    Any insight as to the overclocking switches and why it wouldn't hit POST on power-up? Got the latest BIOS. Thinking of calling DFI to ask for their input. They supply the means to do it - they better supply the know-how!

    Also, am I correct in my supposition that with the switches only going up to 12.5x, I can only overclock to 1.25 GHz?

    Oh, and thanks!

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