Sony NEW S series VPCSB190X CTO

I was interested in getting the new Sony S series laptop.

I want to get laptop with the Solid State Drive but it cost to much. Can I just purchase 1 128GB Solid State Drive from new egg and plug it in? The reason why I ask is they sell 2 x 128GB for $550 and they also want me to get a faster CPU option i7-2620M for another $250. Can I just stick with the default option of i5-2410M and get my own solid state and add it?

Thank for any input.
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  1. Any one have any input?
  2. Hello wrigh83;

    Of course you can.
    They just don't want you to know you can do that.
    There is an issue with the Windows 7 install since they no longer provide install discs.

    You can work around this by making an ISO image of your recovery partition or HDD installed OS
    and burning the ISO image on the SSD. Or you can use any Win7 install DVD to do a 'clean install'
    on the SSD and use your laptop license key to activate.

    You can save time by doing a Win7 SP 1 slipstream with the Win7 install DVD.
    How To Slipstream Windows 7 SP1 Into Installation DVD ISO
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