Pls help I need your advice.

I currently own a P3 733mhz with Intel 815epea mobo, a friend of mine is trading his brand new Athlon 750 Socket A and Asus A7pro, should I grab it or not? Im into divx conversion, would I benefit from athlon? Or I should stick with my P3? pls reply, I really need some opinion. Thanks.
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  1. No not at all.You wont see a 1 more frame in in screen but your intel is more stable and have more support.

    Keep your intel.
  2. I agree with juin.

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  3. normally I would disagree but this I probably would
    have to agree.

    If you were being offered an A7V133 or something with
    the KT133A chipset I would say go for it.. but the old
    KT133 chipsets have been known to be problematic for
    some people. Besides, you'd be downgrading the chipset
    since the KT133 doesn't support 133Mhz FSB

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  4. I would stay with the PIII you will not really gain anyhing from that MB


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  5. > brand new Athlon 750 Socket A and Asus A7pro

    Cant be that brand new. My advise: dont. The only reason I can see to switch from a P3 to an equally clocked Athlon would be the upgrade path. A KT133 board doesnt have much of an upgrade path, and is quite obsolete. It doesnt have a good reputation either, so just stick with your P3.

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  6. dont...!

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  7. Depends. Both systems as configured run about the same. don't know where others are getting there info but the kt133 is not problematic at all. It maybe even one of the most stable VIA chipsets out there. There is no 686b southbridge to worry about either. Granted, there maybe certain brands with this chipset ( budget boards ) that are not the best but that is do to the motherboard makers implementation of the board and not the chipset itself. This being said the bord you have curently is not a bad board either but does it allow for overclocking? How much Ram will it support? Did you plan on sticking with the p3 733 or upgrading it eventually? This is the thing to consider most, right now you can get a 100 fsb athlon 1.2 gig processor and put in the Asus board for <$100.00 where as a mere 1 gig p3 will run you $172 or more. If you plan on sticking with the processor on either board than as others have stated stick with the p3, if a CPU processor is in your future then a trade may be in your best interest. Resale wise, the p3 combo is worth more, perhaps renegotiate a trade with cash involved ( ie make the trade and get $30.00 cash as well then use this towards a better processor)

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