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My PC Setup. Any recommendations?

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July 12, 2001 3:38:27 PM

Here is what my PC setup will look like. Anythign I should change or add? I will add a Plextor burner but this is al I need to get it up an running. I think its pretty good considering I have only spent $1084 shipping included.


Aluminium Lian-Li PC-60 Case
1.4ghz Athlon 266FSB (haven't ordered yet)
Asus A7m266 Mobo
IBM Deskter 40GB Hard drive 7200rpm
ATI Radeon 64 DDR
Hercules Gaem Theater XP
MS Intellimouse Explorer
Basic keyboard

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July 12, 2001 3:56:41 PM

Looks good. I've heard nothing but good from the Lian-Li cases.

BTW, you might want to think about getting a keyboard with extra buttons. I have the Logitech iTouch cordless, and the shortcut buttons are really nice. I also have the Logitech cordless optical mouse, and I love that.
Just a thought, since you seem to be willing to spend the money.

Oh, the Teac CD-RW is actually pretty close to the same thing as the Plextor. I have the Teac 12x and a good friend has the Plextor 12x, and mine is faster and has more features. Just a though. I got mine for $133 OEM.

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July 12, 2001 3:58:27 PM

I don't understand what is up with everyone
going after the Lian Li cases.. too expensive
and and it doesn't look all that pretty either.

Damnit.. just get a generic case and mod the
hell out of it..

Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
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July 12, 2001 4:20:11 PM

Just curious on the Teac vs. Plextor burners. Which of you has the least num of buffer underrun/overruns?
July 12, 2001 8:24:59 PM

I can't say for sure, but I'd say it's a tie, since there's an even buffer, and both have Burn-Proof.

I've never had one, and he hasn't either. I never had one on my 8/4/32 LG/Goldstar either, though.

And Lian-Li cases are high quality, and drop your temps like a rock. They're also very light.
That's why other companies (Antec, Cooler Master) have come out with aluminum cases.

As for not looking good, I think they look pretty sweet, and you can mod them to your tastes if you want anyway.

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July 13, 2001 5:35:07 AM

The Lian Lis look superb!! But i cant picture it with poxy vanilla burners and a poxy vanilla DVD player and a funny blue coloured Game Theatre.
July 13, 2001 3:02:44 PM

Yeah, that's the problem, most components aren't black. But you could always spray paint it black.*

*This statement does not reflect the common practices of any employee of Fat Burger Enterprises, Inc. If you decide to do this, it will be AT YOUR OWN RISK, and if you try to sue us, we'll turn our Snapping Turtles of Death (TM) on you.

Whoever thinks up a good sig for me gets a prize :wink: