I have no screen visablity on my labtop

Cathy here , I have a simmular prop with my labtop its only 2yrs tops and its a HP , I can hear it boot up and when I attach a printer monitor cable to my external tv/monitor I can visually see the screen as it should be on my labtop. I really dont want to take the darn thing apart and think it may be a bug that is causing all the crap, but i tryed every thing else taken the batterie out and putting my finger on the power button to release any electro static and so on so what do I do .
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  1. Hello graystone56;

    It's time to visit a repair shop and have them check it over.
  2. most likely the inverter or fuse for it. often the cause of this- could be as simple as that. fairly easy to change, and often cheap, if you feel comfortable installing.
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