My laptop overheats easily

ok i own this acer aspire 5738zg for a year now
ok problem is this laptop gets super hot and would shutdown when i play games(civ 5) or when i hook up a monitor(play movies) to it
i've tried taking it apart to locate the heatsink+video card to get some dust off
but i've no luck finding it, only located the memory + hard drive

i've owned a dell laptop a couple years ago and it was super easy to take apart and locate parts
with this acer it seems a bit more difficult

so what's the solution to fix this overheating problem??
trash it? go seek professional help? try to dissasemble again and see the light?

i've had some luck with laptop coolers but i dont want to treat it like a desktop
which makes it immobile

specs are pentium dual core 2.2ghz
ati radeon mobility hd 4650
2gb memory
500 gb

any help appreciated
oh my 1 year warranty expired already
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  1. okay If you are really comfortable in opening up a laptop completely then yes go for it. Acer tends to be a little easier since it has less screws imo but the heatsink usually takes a while to take apart. if not find a local repair shop since its about $40 to clean the whole thing. i would also try undervolting might be worth it especially on the pentium dual core.
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