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Recently I suffered a complete failure of my PC and have had to use my old vista 32-bit without a product key. I am looking to install windows 7 64-bit and I know this requires a clean install. However, would me not having a full license mean I have to buy the full version, or will it allow me to use the upgrade edition since I do have a working version of vista. Also, I have 2 Internal hard drives with a partition on my system (C: ) drive. Will a clean install wipe both hard drives and the partition, or just the C: drive? Thanks.
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  1. Just go buy a OEM copy from NEWEGG.
  2. http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/1649-clean-install-windows-7-a.html
    --- If u r not like to buy or don't have enough money now install windows leave the product key to empty @ install time. now 30 days trial pack installed. after 30days reinstall again .
  3. You can find more information in regards to the different versions of Windows 7 HERE.

    As for the hard drives, as long as you don't fiddle with the partitions during the installation you should be fine.
  4. Thanks for the advice, also I have a few games that took ages to download. Could I just back them up and then move their files back when the new 64-bit is installed? Or does that create conflict due to them being installed on a 32-bit previously?
  5. If game relies on registry entry then you must re-install game.
    If you OWN the currently running OS, then you can use the upgrade version. However Upgrade and OEM arte about the same price so I'd go with christop and get the OEM.

    REF to "after 30days reinstall again ." DO NOT wait the 30 Days, Plus their is a more eloquent way to use a upgrade windows 7 disk to do a clean install
    SEE: http://www.maximumpc.com/article/howtos/how_use_your_windows_7_upgrade_disk_fresh_pc?page=0,1

    As to lose of data, will only lose what is on the "C" OS partition - Just make sure you select that partition to install to. Back up any of your data from C drive you wish to save.
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