PLEASE help me TB1,33+EpoX+SBLIVE instable(Win2k)?

PLEASE HELP ME!!! I don't know where to ask other than on this board and I really don't know what to do!
I got a 1,33 TB-C (not overclocked) on my EpoX8kha (newest Via drivers+BIOS).
The TB has 65c° Max.
DDR-Ram are from crucial.
I also have a SBLIVE_Value.
Are there any issues?
For example when playing a game (Planescape:Torment) and then changing to Windows wihout quitting it, I get a Win2k bluescreen + reboot :(. But there are no other troubles with that program.
Second, the system seems a bit slow at all, I got an ATA100 7200UPM (80 pin cable) IBM and an ATA33 (on the same 80pin cable as slave)5400 IBM. Both running on UDMA in Win2k.
3rd, I got an scsi burner on my Symbios Logic scsi pci card (the only device on it). It never caused any problem, but now I seem to not being able to boot up Win2k when my burner is connected. (It stays at 50% booting (Win2k bootup screen) and always accesses the Burner again and again and doesn't proceed)
I heard something like SBLIVE + Athlon + Win2k causes trouble?I have installed SP2 though.
And.. AFAIK this board also got a VIA 686B southbridge (Via Bug?).. how can I check if this one I got is a bad one?
PLEASE help me!! I really don't know what to do!!
Thnx a lot for YOUR TIME and any information and help!
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  1. Are you running on ACPI or Standard PC ? To check it, simply open your device manager and double click on Computer. Have you installed the Win2k registry patch ? I don't remember the link but you can search the boards. Also make sure that you don't have any IRQ conflicts. I am personnally running on Win2k and also have an Athlon with SBLive and I had a few problems after formatting but now everything seems fine. Which vid card do you have ? If it is a GeForce, you should visit <A HREF=" " target="_new"> </A>

    Hope this helps

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  2. Thank you very much for your affords on trying to help me!
    I have an old TNT2 :( I'll soon my a Geforce3 I hope.
    Yes it is running on ACPI.. should I reinstall without ACPI?
    And what is the Win2k registry patch??Never heard from it.
    I have sp2 installed but no registry patch.
    Please tell me what it's about :)
    Also do you think that a max of 65c° is too high(room temp is also hot because of high summer here)?
    I'll see for any IRQ conflicts.. but it really sucks.. the bluescreens can happen at any time!When I click in the ie5 to download something, when I try to view a video in full screen (from time to time), or when I'm changing back from a game to windows by alt-tab.
    If I didn't know it better I would have said it's a memory problem, but I don't think it is, because ram are from crucial and WinME runs stable!
    Thnx again!
  3. Also try to leave a slot open by your vid card. Some pci slots like to share and vid seems to be the most affect when it has to share.

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  4. What model P/S do you have and the power rating? You left that out.
    65C max temperture is kinda high, I've seen high 60's cause a crash in a friends T-Bird over and over again until we figured out he left the tape on the HSF covering the thermal grease. We removed the stupid tape and spread the thermal grease on the cpu and his max temperture was around 54c without all the crashes, also he was then able to overclock.
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  5. Quote:
    Second, the system seems a bit slow at all, I got an ATA100 7200UPM (80 pin cable) IBM and an ATA33 (on the same 80pin cable as slave)5400 IBM.

    Put them on different cables.

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  6. You might want to try asking around here:

    This is a forum exclusively for Epox MB owners. Lots of good info from well informed people (well, some of them, at least!). :)
  7. Noko asked for information on your power supply. I just want to add that a good power supply is critical for an Athlon system and especially so with a few power hungry video cards. These include your TNT2 as well as the original Geforce cards and the Voodoo5. You should have a power supply that can sustain 20 amps on the 3.3 volt line and 30 amps on the 5 volt line (Visiontek's recommendation for the Geforce). The TNT2 should have slightly lower requirements consuming 30-35 watts where the Geforce as much as 40 watts. However, the recommendation is probably still pretty good for you. Check the side or top of your power supply to find you power supply's ratings.

    You might also wish to read a good (but dated) article on power supplies at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. Pay particular attention to the "warning signs" and if they apply to your situation. Below is the direct link.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Regarding Internet Explorer, if you are experiening exception errors or this application is locking up but the rest of the system seems somewhat operable, try turning off Smooth Scrolling. You can do it like this.

    Tools >Internet Options >Advanced >uncheck Smooth Scrolling
  8. WOW!
    So many replys!!
    I thank you thank you VERY MUCH!!!
    I think it was the IRQs.. when I looked into Win2k Device Manager, I saw that my Network card + USB + SCSI controller + SbLive+ TNT2 were sharing the same IRQ 11 !!! I have 6 or 7 free IRQ!!
    But the bad thing is that I cannot change it manuelly, 'cause "automatic configured" is checked and grayed!
    How the hell can I change the IRQ to my pci slots?
    I tried everything in the BIOS, and it worked out, but after booting Win2k simply ignores these settings..
    Now I'm running WinME anmd it worked fine (automatically configured either, but with not too much sharing).
    Hmm I'm going to bed now cause I'm a little bit drunken already :)
    I'll try all your links tomorrow!
    Thnx for helping me!
    Have a good night!
  9. So much for getting the P/S question answered.
  10. I've read many messages regarding the sharing of IRQ's in Win2K but since I don't use Win2K myself I never really paid attention to the solution. I'm sure someone else will reply to your latest query.

    Good luck
  11. Visiontek used to have a little more information like legacy video card specs but now I only see stuff that looks like paraphrasing from I guess everyone wants to share the same story. I still would like estimates on the power consumption for individual components like SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, NICs, modems, etc. It sure would make it easier to spec out a power supply for someone.
  12. Here is my sharing/conflicts in W2K from system information:

    System Information report written at: 07/13/2001 09:06:18 PM

    Resource Device
    IRQ 11 Radeon DDR
    IRQ 11 VIA USB Universal Host Controller
    IRQ 11 Linksys LNE100TX Fast Ethernet Adapter(LNE100TX v4) #2
    IRQ 11 C-Media CM8738 Audio
    IRQ 11 MPU-401 Compatible MIDI Device

    Everyting works fine and is very stable. ACPI works great here. When I tried the standard configuration W2K slowed down so I went back to the better setup.
  13. so Win2K always sets all PCI and AGP on one irq?
  14. hey noko.... a question

    whats the safest way to go from APCI to standard computer?
    have to have all my drivers at hand dont i?
    and what IS the difference between the two?

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  15. Here is all my IRQ usage:

    System Information report written at: 07/13/2001 11:01:16 PM

    IRQ Number Device
    5 Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System
    11 Radeon DDR
    11 VIA USB Universal Host Controller
    11 Linksys LNE100TX Fast Ethernet Adapter(LNE100TX v4) #2
    11 C-Media CM8738 Audio
    11 MPU-401 Compatible MIDI Device
    14 Primary IDE Channel
    15 Secondary IDE Channel
    8 System CMOS/real time clock
    13 Numeric data processor
    6 Standard floppy disk controller
    4 Communications Port (COM1)
    12 PS/2 Compatible Mouse
    1 Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard

    Seems like the pci slots and AGP is, but also USB which is part of the South Bridge. Virtually all the things listed are on the pci bus except the Numeric data processor and as you can see some do have different IRQ's. Since PCI 2 products are surpose to be able to share an IRQ is maybe the reason W2K puts them together.
  16. Got this from this is the method I used on my KA7 which worked. Except when I tried to go back using ACPI I had to reload W2K over my old configuration which worked.

    Under Windows 2000 you can disable ACPI from within Windows as follows:

    1. Go to Device Manager and select Computer -> Properties of ACPI PC
    2. Click the driver Tab and choose Update Driver
    3. When the wizard gets to the "What do you want the wizard to do?" page select "Display a list of the known drivers..."
    4. Then "Show all hardware of this device class"
    5. Then select "Standard PC"
    6. Reboot the machine
    When Windows 2000 restarts it'll redetect most of the hardware in your machine again and reassign IRQ's to them, turning off ACPI.

    <b>Note: If you installed Windows with ACPI enabled in the BIOS, and then you disable ACPI using the BIOS, you may need to do a fresh install of Windows!</b>

    If you disable ACPI in the bios W2K won't start, I've read some where that during startup you can get a non ACPI startup in W2K and I don't know how that is done that is if I remember right. Actually PCI version 2.1 cards should support this feature without any problems.
  17. I did some more digging at and came up with this from their troubshooting tips.

    "Your motherboard must be capable of providing adequate voltage to the AGP card. The AGP 2.0 specification requires 6A at 3.3V for the AGP socket and 2A at 5.0V for the AGP memory. The VisionTek GeForce will consume up to 6A at 3.3V and 2A at 5.0V when running video intensive applications such as 3D games."

    We are slowly piecing together the information.

    Here is the link to the complete Visiontek graphics troubleshooting tips.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  18. If you tell Win2K you have an ACPI system (or it detects one during installation), it will do ACPI IRQ routing--which is essentially putting all peripherals on a single IRQ. My system does the same thing in Win2K--it puts all devices on IRQ 11. It did this on my current T-bird mobo and my old Slot A mobo, and both were rock-solid all the same. This doesn't mean all systems can handle this well.


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  19. Thanks thats very good information. Nice to know where all the power goes.
  20. What I did on my system I had 5 10s irq. What I had to do was get in to My bios and change them.
  21. I am VERY sorry for not posting the last 3 days!!
    It's because I had so much trouble with my computer!And had a party..
    It's very nice of you ppl trying to help me!!!
    My p/s is a 420watt, this should be enough, or is there something else to watch out?
    I now reinstalled my Win2k several times and always have so many devices sharing one IRQ.
    So you said that this is normal, but why do I get these bluescreens then?
    Can it be that the TNT2's memory or something else is corrupt?
    Because this also happened sometimes on my old system (same devices except CPU & mobo).
    I also have now installed the registry patch!
    Thnx again and sorry for that I didn't reply!!!
  22. Again I want to thank you all for your great help!
    You gave me great informations!
    Thank you!
  23. If you're willing to. Just do this. Go to your bios and disable ACPI. Then restart and reinstall win2k. Automatically sets it to a Standard PC and your IRQs are split. What I had to do. Good luck man.
  24. You know what Pep? They has been some rumours that certain PSU are the cause of TB system not working well. Did you purchase an AMD certified PSU? I know it's 420 WATT but apparently.. some of the big ones aren't very stable in shooting out stable amps..

    Check it out at amd's website.
  25. Thank YOU!! I'll give it a try!
  26. Thank you too!
  27. IRQ:
    11 C-Media CM8738 Audio
    11 MPU-401 Compatible MIDI Device

    What is C-Media CM8738 Audio? That isn't onboard sound is it? You said you had a SBLive, so if you have on-board sound disable it. If you don't have on-board sound, then it is part of your SBLive. You could try to disable it to free up that IRQ.

    Also, what is the #2 appended to the end of this line?:
    11 Linksys LNE100TX Fast Ethernet Adapter(LNE100TX v4) #2

    Do you have two network cards in your machine, or does it just think you do?
  28. Sorry for the late response, I must have thrown out your reply with some junk Email.

    Thanks for the information. I thought the shared IRQs had to do with ACPI but wasn't sure.
  29. I don't have a SB-Live card so it is not installed, yes this is built in sound on the IWILL KK266 which works well and I am currently using. Normally I use USB speakers but the USB section of the speakers are connected to my other machine via USB without any sound card. Sounds good.
  30. YES.
    when i first used windows 2k i had that exact problem.
    i found the instillation of windows service pack 2 and directx 8 solved the problem.
    also install the latest Via 4in1 drives version 4.32 is good for me

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