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My girlfriend wants to buy a laptop and I said I would find a decent one for her. The last time I brought a laptop was about 3 years ago so I am pretty out of the loop. Last thing I heard was that CULV processors were good as they had low power draw (long battery life) but were not woefully slow like atom, but as you can tell, that was a good year or so ago and for netbooks.

So I thought you guys could help with some suggestions or pointing me in the right way in terms of relevant hardware.

She would like a 15 inch screen and here budget is around the £600 mark, or the dollars equivalent.

The tasks she will be carrying out will be:

- Small amount of photoshop (but probably just the cut down elements version)
- Web
- Word
- Itunes
- Photos

I guess most of those tasks you could probably do on quite a cheap laptop, but its the photoshop and word I am worried about (particularly photoshop). For this I think she may need to invest in a better CPU and some more RAM?

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  1. no one :(
  2. If you find a £600 15" laptop that can't run Photoshop and Word, you're probably being ripped off big time. You should probably just try and get her something nice and sturdy that looks nice at that price point, if that's all she needs it for. Maybe even try and get PS bundled if she doesn't already have access to a copy.
  3. cool, thats good to know.

    Was more concerned with manufacturers, and whether any might try and rip me off with insufficient processors or something, but with clever marketing that makes it sound good.

    Probably best if I go with someone like Dell where I can select the parts I want.
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