1.33ghz tbird overclock

i want to o.c. my tbird to about 1.5ghz so what is the best fan that i should use for under $40? and could u give me a link too? my tbird at 1.33 is running at 30-40c
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  1. Keep your current fan setup, you are running plenty cool as it is. What makes you think you need a better cooling system? A more powerful P/S may get you much more from overclocking then probably a better cooler in your case. What P/S are you using and what is its rating?
  2. it's an atx 300wt ps but i think its burned out or something doesnt work as of yesterday :( so im gonna get a 300wt or 350wt. how much does a 350wt cost?

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  3. I recommend at least a 350w P/S if you want to overclock, higher if you are really serious and want stability. $55 for a ENERMAX 350w P/S. Get the one with the fan on the bottom of the P/S to help exhaust the hot air from the cpu out. Here is a link, get the 431w version, NICE :smile: .

    <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?submit=manufactory&catalog=58&manufactory=1400" target="_new">http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?submit=manufactory&catalog=58&manufactory=1400</A>
  4. I would get a Zalman Gold Plated Cooler because they look cool. The only downside is they suck cock. Thats the price
    you have to pay to have a stylish computer.
  5. The word Zalman hasn't been mentioned in this thread. Any reason for bringing it up?

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  6. I have to agree with you about the PS with the fan on the bottom. I put in an Enermax 350 last week and I'm seeing cpu temps from 6-8 degrees C cooler than my old 300W PS. Right now my 850 TBird with a Volcano II is reading 43C (MB at 29C) with the ambient room temp at 22C. Last night when the room temp was 26C I recorded 48C for the cpu. I see another plus for the new PS. ASUS Probe has not shown one 3.3V problem. I used to get that error message occasionally with my old 300W PS. Fairly standard setup with a midtower case, combo floppy, 40gig 7200 Maxtor, DVD, CDRW, 256MB ram, Radeon videocard, internal modem & SB Live.
    Includes one intake and one exhaust fan.

    What really surprises me is that the original PS was only 250W. I ran it for months without any obvious problems. Just lucky. I only used the 300W for about two months, but I wanted more cooling so I upgraded to the Enermax.

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  7. LOL....Man that was funny. I take it you're speaking from (s)almon HSF experience? Please give us the details.

    I'm not in touch with my feeings, and I like it that way!
  8. Hey massivebutt, Im just wondering if you are female??? =)

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