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Computer wont boot keep getting blue screen of death

January 25, 2013 12:51:16 PM

ok I had a problem with my pc slowing down so i figured out it was eset anti virus. I removed it but could not get it all so i used eset uninstaller rebooted everything was fine. I was using eset 6 so i figured i would try an older version for i have been using eset for many years. So i installed version 5 had some trouble had to use the eset.uninstaller(which has to be done in safemode) and reinstalled 5 again everything was great for about 3 hours then i noticed the lag again and once again removed eset in safe mode this time when i went to restart my computer bam BSOD tried to boot into safe mode bam BSOD tried to use the repair my computer kept saying can't fix it. I am running windows 7 pro 64bit on a gateway dx1100 with AMD phenom II quadcore. Now when this started happening my pc sounded like a jet taking off so i went into bios and restored defaults that got the noise to stop. but no luck booting up. on the BSOD i got stop error 0x0000007B i tried everything i could think MBRfix,chkdsk(3x) clam antivirus,malewarebytes. rebuilding my BCD running FixBoot and i'm at my wits end. I do not want to reinstall windows if at all possible it has taking me a year and a half to get everything perfect. i did notice the when i put in the repair disk it said no os installed!!! and i couldn't restore because the drive letters changed and it said i had set up system restore for that drive. before this happened my partition was C: after it was C: SYSTEM RESERVED and D: had all my files and programs pictures and movies and what not. anyway someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!