Well, we haven't had a thread about this at all, anyone else playing it?

I've got a lvl 34 Orc in a custom class with major skills of Medium Armor, Long Blade, Athletics, Block and Armorer. In retrospect I should've done Desctruction instead of Armorer, but no big deal. I'm a member of the Fighter and Mages Guilds, Ashlanders, Blades, Imperial Legion, Imperial Cult and House Hlaalu. I'm going to join the other houses when I get a chance.

I fight with an Iron Longsword with a poison enchantment, and have full Indoril armor, all enchanted. My gauntlets are the exception, they're steel, one raises strength by 20 all the time, the other raises agility by 20 all the time. My robe has an enchantment to raise strength by 30 points for 20 seconds or so, meaning I can carry a whole lot of stuff.

I'll post some pictures of my character and what I've collected, if anyone's interested.

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  1. i think there was a thread about it a few weeks back. im gonna get that game in a few days. is it as huge and all encompassing as people say?

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  2. Very much so. The map isn't the biggest I've seen, but it's huge when you consider that there are really no defining lines between towns and the different areas on the map. It's very realistic from that sense.
    There's also an incredible amount to do in this game. Last night I was wandering around, and there was a guy just standing in the middle of nowhere. I talked to him, and it turned out he was some incredible warrior who had achieved everything and now wanted to die honorably, but there was nobody who could kill him. He asks you to kill him if you can, so the two of you fight (I killed him fairly easily), and then you get his sword and armor, which is pretty good stuff.

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  3. sounds sweet.... i met a guy like that once..... was a very confusing situation.

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  4. What does this game compare to ??

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  5. Steak Fondu

    enjoying it so far, but havnt played it more than 10 hours.

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  6. Not much, really. It's the second RPG/FPS mix I've played, the first one was really heavily FPS, this one is really heavily RPG. It's a hugely immersive game, I'm about 2/3 through the main thread of the story, and have only done a decent number of quests in one other thread (Mage's Guild, I'm almost done with all their quests). There are also Fighter and Thieves guilds, three "Great Houses" (ruling families, kind of), the Imperial Cult, the Temple and the Imperial Legian, all with long series of quests. Then of course there are dozens and dozens of quests scattered throughout the place. There are also probably a couple of hundred ruins, caves, mines, etc that have nothing to do with anything else, they're just sitting there waiting to be explored.

    Incredible game.

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  7. Morrowind's pretty interesting.

    I tried a few of the pre-defined character classes - fighter type, thief type, mage type - and couldn't really get into the game.

    Making a custom character was a <b>lot</b> more fun and I'm really getting into the game now - for anyone that's interested I'm mostly stealth with a bit of combat and magic thrown in.

    But yeah, the game is huge and a lot of fun to play. It is still too unstable for my liking though - crashing to the desktop is not a matter of "if" but of "when". And you really need a monster of a machine to run it well.

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  8. Morrowind is a fairly unique game. It's the third game in the semi-popular elderscroll series. The funny thing is that although this game is fairly huge and it has almost unlimited playing potential it's actually the smallest of the three Elderscroll games. Fatburger mentioned many of the guilds and numerous type quests available but what really separated Daggerfall(The second game in the series) and Morrowind is the ability to become a vampire. There are even three different sects that you can join if you get vampirism. Plus there is alchemy (Tons of combonations to make potions and poisons), strongholds....... I could gon on forever, just pick up the game there is a ton of stuff to do. You have the option of playing in 1st or 3rd person as well. This game was really put together well. They haven't even released a patch yet, I haven't had it crash one time on me or encountered too many bugs and for a game this size that is very impressive.

    Ohh yeah, it comes with an editor as well, so there should be some pretty good mods coming out much like the Baldurs Gate series.

    I only have two small complaints.
    1. No lythancropy (You could become a werewolf in the last game)
    2. Needs a hog of a system. (I remember when RPG's were always the games where you could crank up the settings to the max and know that it wouldn't even come close to taxing your rig. But the last three games I've played, JK II, Dung. Siege, and Morrowind, the RPG's have been far more demanding on my system than the FPS has. And this is with a GF2 Ultra. Now I'm considering a upgrade.)

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  9. Hell, at max settings it runs choppy on my p4 1.7ghz w/GFti4600 and 768Megs RDRAM.... phuk Everything else i have is basically silk at max settings. Which is how it damn well should be.

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  10. Love to see some pics, FatBurger.
    I've got a Level 43 Dark Elf. Major Skills are Long Blade, Axe, Speechcraft, Heavy Armor, Block. All the other skills I've wanted to bump up I just bought training in (Destruction, Illusion, Blunt Weapon) whether it was a Miscellaneous Skill or not.
    I'm wearing Ebony Armor except for Daedric Helm and Shield (both of which I've enchanted) and a pair of boots called The Apostles Boots which give 30-40 points of Levitating for 30 Seconds I found last night. The Helm gives 30-40% resist Magicka for 30 Seconds. The Shield gives Fortify Health 30 Points for 20 Seconds and Shield 30 Points for 20 Seconds. My weapon is a Daedric Katana. I've got so much stuff I need to build a house to store it in. Right now it's all at the Fighter's Guild in Ald'Ruhn.
    My only factions are the Fighter's, Blades, and Ashlanders but was thinking of joining House Telvanni as well.
    One question for you. How far have you followed the Main Storyline? I've gone back forth between wandering and the story about equally but now I think I'm pretty close to the end of the story. As such I'm determined to explore the rest of the island and offshore before I do any more.

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  11. Level 11 custom high elf with major in destruction, conjuration, long blade, restoration, and something else..and the major somewhat related but with athletics and acrobatics. anyway this game starts off TOO SLOW. and this is what pissed me off to make another game with edited stats..hehe 100 everything and 9999 health, magicka and fatigue.
    I honor everyone here for having the patience to get that far in the game! hehe. but i think i'm having fun now running like a horse and jumping like i can dunk from half court =)
    He's a custom class redguard 'angry killer' with the blue katana and no clothes just meeting people>admire/intimidate to raise their disposition and then mug them or just hack their face off. i dont think i followed the story at all except solve the murder of ralen hlallo...and now i joined the blades and the fighter guild guy is making me go to this mine and i cant find the dwemer puzzle box in there
  12. I'm about to start the Fourth Trial (just finished the Fifth), so I'm about 2/3 the way through the main part. I'll grab some pics tonight, if possible. Everything I have equipped is enchanted with something or other. I just got a Daedric shield and put a big enchantment to raise strength on it. I need to read up on enchantments, I haven't figured out how to do permanent enchantments yet, I can only do "Cast when used" and "Cast when strikes".

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  13. How do you do the Cast When Strikes?
    I'd love to enchant my Katana but won't do it unless it'll be Cast When Stikes. The only option I have so far is to Cast When Used. The Constant Effect would be great if you can figure that out.

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  14. I don't know, I just suddenly got it to work one time. You have to click on where it says that, I did some sort of fire spell, I forget the name.

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  15. Nevermind, I just figured it out. It's dependant on the Soul you're using to Enchant with. If you use a Golden Saint you'll have the option of Constant Effect. Anything less than that and the best you can get is Cast When Strikes or Cast When Used. Now I've got a Daedric Katana casting 35 pts Shock Damage per Strike (11pts Cost per Strike with a Charge of 360) and a Constant Effect Daedric Helm of Fortify Health 15 pts.

    Instead of saying Stranger, couldn't it just say, "New to the Area?"
  16. As a side note you'll need a Grand Soul Gem to trap a Golden Saint.
    The gem by itself is worth 200 gold and when the Saint is trapped you have a charge of 400 with a total value of 80,000 gold.

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  17. Golden Saints are hard to find, but thanks for the info. I grabbed a bunch of screenshots and then kept playing. Ended up getting full Ebony armor and some other goodies after this. It's on my FTP called "". The mod for the personal wharehouse in Balmora is also there, it was made by someone named ar1550 over at the HardOCP forums. Addres for FTP, use anonymous login:

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  18. I've come across 10 or so and trapped probably 7 of them. Now I'm looking for an exquisite ring to enchant with Constant Effect Bound Gauntlets and Fortify Strength 20 points.
    I tried the ftp but it falied to connect so I'll rty again later. Thanks for the tip about a personal warehouse. That'll come in right handy.

    Instead of saying Stranger, couldn't it just say, "New to the Area?"
  19. Send me an email and I'll give you the mod.

    Hmm...won't let me log on. I'll have to stick it somewhere else.

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  20. man... ive played it for about 3-4 hours so far. it is an awesome game but i think its too big for me. i just dont have the time and effort to devote to such a huge and open game. and i hate the constant feeling that im developing my character poorly or i am not doing something right.
  21. You get used to it after a while. Take the Silt Strider as much as possible so you don't have to walk between towns.

    What do you mean by developing your character properly? Something specific, or just unsure?

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  22. hehe... you get used to it? i still go back and play old snes rpgs! i guess im entertained by simpler games. i couldnt really even get into baulders gate or icewind dale games. i always considered myself a hardcore rpger but as of late i just dont have the patience for most of teh new ones.. *frowns*
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