Enivornmentalists...and the wolf.

I will not say much because of being a biased source...a wolf lover.
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  1. Edge of extinction is a farce.
    Treating them as a whole in all states only allows for the law to be revived, which never should be the case, as Minnesotas population was removed awhile ago. And no, it shouldnt be revived here at all.
    The only reason I see this as being responsible is, looking at those low numbers for Wyoming shows that the population there has remained small, whereas the target for the other two states has done OK.
    Doesnt look like theyre doing so well in Wyoming.
    In Minnesota, we never ran out of wolves, ever, and they were headed for disastor, in the 60s, but thats all changed since.
    Whats happened is, if a farmer/rancher has lost some livestock due to wolves, the governments ineffectual bumbling, their typical slow, inadequate findings etc, only allowed for losses by those farmers by inadequate compensation, where it kept the wolf on a negatively held position in the eyes of many, so I blame the government here, not congress per se
    Minnesotas always had wolves, as theyve always had bald eagles, not so in any of the other lower 48s.
    This is more a political boondoggle than a true population worry of the wolf
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