Bad Athlon Experience...

I deceided to upgrade my PIII 500 system to an Athlon 1.4 I ordered the mobo, ddr ram, and CPU from merchants on pricewatch. I got the mobo and ram a day ago and the CPU today. The damned CPU was defective though.

I went to start up the comp, it was on for about 15 seconds. Then shut off and the CPU must have gotten fried or something. I used a thermal take super orb, and 2 case fans, and thermal compound.

I bought the CPU from EconoPC. I hope they don't give me a problem exchanging the processor. I'm just really pist because now I have to wait another week or so to get the new comp running.
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  1. not to be unkind or anything...
    but can u blame the processor so quick? are u sure the heatsink was on properly? how much experience have you got in putting on a heatsink? follow the amd official instructions?

    also, the super orbs look great, but arnt that effective.
    beter to go for a volcano, winfop or something like that.
    check out toms cooler roundup review for lots of info.

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  2. How do you know it was defective? BTW, did you know that ORBs are the least effective cooler for their size, and that they have a tendancy to crush AMD cores?

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  3. rma that pos, AMD tbirds are defective by default.

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  4. AmdMeltDown Your brian is defective

    And to piss you off more

    AmdMeltdown You are the weakest link LOL
  5. I'd go along with crashmans theory, however they may (should) exchange it, I had one blow on me - it had been running about 5 days and suddenly powered off, it was all burt underneath wherer the sticker is, the place I got it from tried to blame incorrect heatsink fitting etc, but as it had been running for 5 days they didnt really have any choice, the athlons ARE a pain as far as heatsink fitting goes and a LOT of people have been unfortunate enough to fry/crack their cpu's, however, I've heard similar tales to mine where the thing has died after a week or two, I hope you manage to get yours exchenged.

    Good luck

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  6. I used that same HSF and I hated it. I was told that it would be excellent and it sucks. I tell everybody I know not to buy them. I have never had any problems at all nor has anybody I know ever had a problem with an Athlon CPU but that doesn't mean that there aren't defective ones out there. If there is a local store that could sell you that CPU for just a little more than I would go that route and just ask for your money back from EconoPC. My experience is that it is just too big of a hassle having to worry about waiting for another one to arrive. It always takes a lot longer than you expect and they seem to always want to screw you somehow. I would think that one week would be the very soonest you could hope to get a good CPU back. Good luck.

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  7. yeah... how did the orb get such a good cooling/overclocking misslabelling?
    sure they look funkey but looks can get u only so far...
    *think* why does the image of the P4 come into my mind right now? LOL

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  8. >AmdMeltdown You are the weakest link

    yeah, I know. but when an Amd cpu melts down it is the weakest link in any system, protect that weak core and buy more Amd because their stocks are in the crapper.

    "AMD/ <i>still</i> are the weakest link, good bye!"
  9. I feel for you, EconoPC is one of the worst online merchants around and I wouldnt doubt if they gave you a bad proc. Good luck returning it, but when buying online always check <A HREF="" target="_new">Resellerratings</A>. Dont order from any company without at least a 5 out of 7, and preferrably try to stay in the 6's.

    Also, dont use superorbs, they can cool well enough but they will crush your core when trying to remove the HS/Fan.

    Good Luck

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  10. <font color=blue>Thanks pettytheft for posting <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. I hadn't been there before, and I wish I had. I have had one of the worst return experiences ever with United-Micro and it appears I am not the only one after seeing their piss-poor rating of 3.0!!!! If I had only known. One of the best experiences I had eevr had with an online merchant was with <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. Appears I am not alone on that either (6.3/7.0).

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