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1.2 Tbird running hot

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July 15, 2001 7:54:38 AM

I upgraded my K6-3 450 to a AMD 1200/266 with Asus a7v 133 mb. The cpu ran 62 deg at idle with default values according to m/b monitoring. I am using my old Alpha PFH6035 with a 'loud' delta fan (38CFM I think). Quicksilver II grease. I thought maybe the ps was too small (Enlight 250W) so I bought a Enermax 350W. Now 60 degree but still doesn't seem right. the voltage is still 1.8 when I select 1.75 too. Also get a warning when above 3.6 V doesn't let me change the limit either. I was hoping to be able to overclock this at least a little but it looks doughtful.
Any ideas? Is this Alpha hsf just too outdated? The local PC store has several Tbird approved hsf (cheap) but they look like litle pieces of junk compared to mine. Can anybody recomment a Swiftech or an OCZ fan? I assume they're worth the money. Has anyone had a problem with the M/B monitoring system not giving accurate readings?

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July 15, 2001 6:21:25 PM

Do you have any case fans?? You should have at least one intake and one exhaust to help with air circulation. And are you using Asus Probe or MBM 5?? Asus Probe tends to be inaccurate, giving you temps higher than it really is.

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July 15, 2001 6:35:00 PM

go to for advice on how to keep that cpu cool. use no less than 5 fans.

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July 15, 2001 10:52:12 PM

Yes I do. I should have mentioned it the first time.
I have 2 80mm (5000 rpm) case fans. One blowing out of the rear of the case and sucking air in through the front of the case. Plus the new P/S has 2 fans as well. The northbride even has its own fan. 6 fans total. (AMDMeltdown may have something here) I am using Asus Probe and have heard that it errs on the conservative side but can it be that far off. I've been told it should run 38 deg. What is MBM 5? Is there other software? Does it still use the built in sensor? Do I need to add something to use it. Here are the pieces.
Asus K7V 133
AMD 1200/266 "AXIA"
Enlight case Enermax 365P-VE 350W P/S
2 80mm case fans (using M/B power connections)
Alpha pfh6035 h/s (from my K6-3)
Delta 38CFM fan (w/separate power connection)
384 mb Mushkin PC133
Quantum AS 30MB 7200 hd
WD 10MB 5200 hd
Voodoo3 3500 vcard
Matrox NIC
Windows 2000
The Alpha is all Al (no Cu unlike the PAL6035) but is still massive. Does Cu inlay matter that much? I checked AMD site and didn't see any Alpha at all recommended (Also no Swifttech or OCZ either). That doesn't seem right. I might try to order one of the OCZ types although that doesn't seem like it should be my problem.
July 15, 2001 11:06:13 PM

I run 4 80mm case fans, a card cooler pci slot fan, and my PSU fan, with my Alpha Pal6035 (clip upgrade from yours). I believe you need to get the new clip, Alpha had to do a revised cliping mechanism for the Socket A solution. Maybe your not pressing hard enough on the die, I say that with extreme caution, do not press down on your heatsink for trials, don't want a crushed core on my hands. But my rig cools my gig @ 1310mhz to around 30C idle and 45C loaded. That Alpha heatsink is a beast. They are supposed to be coming out with a new heatsink for Socket A pretty soon too so keep your ears and eyes open.

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July 15, 2001 11:43:46 PM

According to the Alpha website (which is not very user friendly) it is possible I have the the CL57F clip and not the CL57G since i purchased it about the same time they changed it. Mine does look identical to the PAL pictures though. Next question would it be possible to get the new clip and if so where or am I wasting my time.

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July 16, 2001 2:42:42 AM

i still recommend u get something certified rather than a fan/hs combo u ran on your k6-3.
ive got an a7v133
two slow (and quiet) casefans running at 2800rpm, front and back
a PSU with a single fan
and the winfop32-1.
ive OC-ed from 1200C to 1350 @ 150 and i run 55C top full load, stable for 2 days (as far as ive got thus far)
course removal of the thermal pad on the winfop reduced temps by about 10C!
and the two slow casefans has reduced my mobo temp by around 8C.

Oh yeah. dont go with asus probe. its a piece of crap IMHO. it gave me core temps 8C above what the mobo or motherboard monitor (MBM) 5 gave.
also it kept dropping out recording fan speeds and voltages.
go with MBM. much nicer.

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July 16, 2001 6:13:29 AM

Yes, Asus Probe can give readings 5-15 deg. celcius higher than it really is.
Motherboard Monitor 5 (MBM 5) is much better. There are two others I use to use: Via hardware monitor, and another one that I can't remember,(but its a shareware).

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July 16, 2001 9:17:30 AM

I found the Hardware Monitor in the bios. It is reporting temps 10 deg below Probe. This one is probably accurate. 52 degree running 10x133 at 1.75V. This actually shows 1.75 which is where it is set unlike the 1.82 that Probe reports. Probe, what a piece of [-peep-]! I will try the other software as well. 52 is probably still higher than it should be I will try a new heatsink as well. Thanks again.
July 16, 2001 1:52:12 PM

Your heatsink is fine. I really think you should try and get ahold of the new clip, as I think it's a bit stronger and puts more pressure on the feet of the cpu. I have the same cooler and get 20C less than you.

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July 17, 2001 12:41:49 AM

via hardware monitor... havnt heard o that one before. must have a peekieboos.

congrats for discovering that asus probe is a piece of crud. i wonder when asus will realise

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July 19, 2001 8:47:03 AM

the program came with the installion CD of my kk266 mobo

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July 19, 2001 8:47:44 AM

it should work with the latest via chip (go figure)...

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