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I recently upgraded my ssd's to a brand new one and did a new install of windows 7 and updated it; To find that my problem with games still persists.
I have a directx error in hitman absolution; far cry 3 and crysis run incredibly slow , unless i change my settings to dx9 and then dx 11 after rebooting the game.
Whats the problem here? windows? directx???
Any help would be dearly appreciated.

asrock extreme 11
i7 3960x
64gb ram
asus mars 2
1500 watt psu
ocz vector ssd
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  1. Your problem is MARS 2. Only thing that I can recommend is to sell it. Sorry.
  2. Thanks but a newer version of directx was detected. Is this most probably it though?
  3. maxinexus said:
    Your problem is MARS 2. Only thing that I can recommend is to sell it. Sorry.

    what problem is that?
  4. Sorry, I gave you an old link. Directx should work with windows update. Do you have that running? Also update the drivers for your video card. Which version of Mars 2 do you have?
  5. also make sure your mb has all the bios updates and you installed the newest intel chipset drivers. also run gpu-z see that the video card running fine in the pci slot. (16@ at pci 2.0/3.0 mode).
  6. ok so i have the latest nvidia (310.90 ) drivers installed.
    I am going to do a bios update and try to install intel chipsets (a link/s would help :)
    I will run gpuz and get back, thanks.
  7. This sounds like flame bait, 3960x with mars 2?
  8. I have installed x 79 intel chipset drivers and still the problem persists, on to the gpu z bit. but how to see gpuz when running a game?, i dont want to keep exiting?
  9. When using new dawn demo GpuZ is telling me my memory being used is over 1500mb at all times, my vram for my card is 1.5gb so is vram my limiting factor here?
  10. Here's the problem:

  11. Anyone?
  12. try downloading june update of directx.
  13. polo88 said:

    Those errors make it seem like the GPU itself is dropping out of the computer when you are running something graphically intensive.

    You mentioned that if you change the settings to DX9 it doesn't error out, am I reading this right?

    According to some of the information I've gathered in reviews, etc. it wasn't supported very well from the word go. Apparently none of the drivers provided (either from Asus or on the CD itself) controlled the card very well. Has it worked correctly in the past or has it been doing this all along?
  14. it has worked correctly before so its strange that its behaving likee this.
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