Computer booting up problems?

Ok guys, ever since I updated my computer to
a 1.2GHz AMD Athlon Thunderbird, ABIT KT7A mb, and I had 448mb ram. All I have been having is problems, first of all I had 448 of ram, I came home from work with a stick of 128 and installed the ram, booted up my computer and received a error that read something in the effect of unable to load or install memmangr, it just sat their. So, I hit the reset button and now it want boot up at all, computer comes on, HDD shuts down and monitor shuts off, it says no signal. It doesnt even read my floppy drive so I can try to boot off of my boot disk, someone please help me. I even tried taken out my ram, video card and sound card, still nothing. I then preceded to put things back the way they were before I added the stick of 128 and still nothing happens. Come on techies help me out. Thanks.
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  1. come on guys, someone please offer some good advice, someone has to know how to fix this.
  2. I had a similar problem. I was running an AMD Duron 700. What happened was, I was installing a superorb fan, at the time I didn't know that those fans bust the AMD core (what doesn't?) and it chipped the core. But obviously from what you say in your post, this has nothing to do with your problem, unless you somehow broke your cpu.
  3. Hmm - what o/s are you using? I say thta because Win98 will only use 512Mb RAM.

    Anyway, my _guess_ is that you have blown your memory. If all you changed was memory (did not touch anything else, no cables, nothing) and then it stopped working? It is possible, although not normal, that addition or removal of RAM under bad conditions can ruin it.

    If you were not properly grounded when inserting/removing the RAM then a static discharge could have damaged it, also if the powersupply was plugged in (power to the mobo) this can damage RAM.

    I'd recommend using 1 stick at a time of your original RAM and try to get the system to POST. Double check your insertion as some RAM/mobo combinations can be really difficult.

    Also check other components you might have dislodged - especially the heatsink on your CPU. If that dislodged you may have trouble below...

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  4. Is the computer powering up but then shutting down after 3 seconds? If it is this means you have one of the later BIOSes. To fix that problem you must plug a fan that has the RPM sender into fan header #1. If your CPU fan doesn't have this you can use a case fan.
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