What do you think of the new Corsair k95

Hi i have the corsair k90 and i was wondering what everyone thought about the corsair k95 and if you think it looks better, willpreform better ect.
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  1. http://www.corsair.com/k95/

    Having the K90 alread you may not notice much of a difference and from that Corsair web page it sounds like it's just the lighting that's different. If you didn't have the K90 and had maybe the K60 then yes I would say you wouild be getting a big performance difference. But they still have the Gherry red keys and the macro ability of the side 18 keys. It's also going to be over $100 so if you got money to burn then go ahead , but I would wait some more to get a good review of any and all features nad how much is actualy changed. It hasn't been released yet so there isn't much on it yet.
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