Upgrade delemma....

Dunno where to put this so ill just write it here :) Ok ive got two options on upgrades but on a tight budget (man i hate being a povo student hehe)

atm ive got:
celeron 600@800
192 pc133 kingmax ram
abit be6-II
globalwin fop32 (w/ 6800rpm fan)
30gig imb delta 7200
tnt2 pro 32meg
mx 300 s/c

the system is pretty decent, but then im a medium core (such a thing?) gamer.

these are my upgrade options. being in australia, the turdy country where prices are jacked up, i have 2 options.

option1: ~AUS$700
athlon 1.2
256 crucial 2100 drr
abit kg7 (when it comes out)

option2: ~AUS$400
leadtek gf2 pro 64meg.

Im opting for option1 cause it will benefit in other areas besides games. however bottlenecks start to arise cause of the crumby tnt2. i play my games (mostly hl) in 1026x786. on the other hand if i get the gf2 there will still b a bottleneck + other issues with voltages my mobo provides.

either way my system wont b able to run at peak performance until i upgrade again :( but till then which 1 is better?
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  1. Option 3-get the video card and a PIII 700E, set the bus speed to 133 to get 933 out of it, and the whole thing will set you back LESS than the motherboard/processor upgrade. And it will be about about twice as fast in games as the new motherboard/new CPU/new RMA/old Video card solution.
    Oh, and you'll be doing the world a favor, less waste if you keep your old board
    Let's see-less waste, less money, more speed, definately upgraded the CPU and Vid card.

    Video killed my Radio Card!
  2. thats a short term solution though :/ i dont want to b upgrading every year. thats what i did witht his celeron and seems to cost more.

    another option i was thinking of, was to get the gf2 and save up for the mobo/cpu upgrade, seeming the athlon 4 will b hitting the streets soon and that video card prices have been ralatively constant over the last few months
  3. definitly go for the gf2, the best way to increase gaming performance is by upgrading your 3d accelerator, and this piece will last yoiu longer before becoming an old fashion outdated piece of junk
  4. where in Oz are u?
    i know of a good cheap place in melbourne
    hopefully shave a few bucks off the price

    "i love the smell of Overclocking in the morning!" Says my Hamster.
  5. im in brisbane :( theres a couple of stores that are nearly on par with US prices. eg. athlon 1.2 AUS$239, about AUS$40 more than US. anyways does that melb store have a web site? cause i dont mind getting it delivered (as im gonna get crucial ram from the states :)
  6. I dont know I would go for the Amd athlon 1.2 . The tnt2 32 megs is a good card. I use it and still useing it for my amd athlon system plus a Max Fury Pro. So I can run Games on one monitor and ati tv card on the other monitor.
  7. dont think their webby works yet, under construction.
    last week their athie 1.2C was $265
    one thing they do well are their weekly specials. last week it was the 40gig ibm 60GXP for only $279 (considering that the 60gig = 429 & 20gig = 210) a steal

    may i suggest you do the unthinkable and wait a bit?
    then u can get what u want at a lesser price
    parts are comming down weekly it seems.

    "i love the smell of Overclocking in the morning!" Says my Hamster.
  8. hehe ill b waiting forever then :) the only time i would wait is when u KNOW a better product will be released in the next month or 2 (ie, the athlon 4). best advice ive read was to, buy what u want, use it and dont look at prices for a month. like i said, i might just get the gf2 cause video card prices have been quite stable lately. but who knows, cause im still waiting for the Abit kg7 to be released and nearly everything arrives in aus later than the rest of the world. by that time, i might b able to afford the whole kit and kaboodle :)
  9. But you'll need the video card anyway, and you can put off upgrading the rest of the system. By this time next year your new Athlon system would be dated. And the PIII700@933 gets you through a year on the cheap. And you don't need to reload your system.

    Video killed my Radio Card!
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