M11x SU7300 Ram upgrade

I have the standard Set-up SU7300 and 2gb ddr3

should i go with the full 8GB or 4Gb

and is this good ram for it?


thanks for your time!!! :bounce:
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  1. anyone really, laptop forums are slooooow.
  2. Hello tedsomango;

    Use CPU-z to find out exactly what you have already installed.
  3. A lot depends on what you are running. If you are running 32 bit windows, 4 gb is the max it will see, and only use 3.25 or 3.5 gb depending on the configuration anyway..
    (and the display adapter shared memory settings).
    If you are running 64 bit, just verify how much the system will support and get some decent mid-range priced ram and get all you can afford - up to the limit supported by the unit.
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