What's a good benchmark utility?

I want to test my new system to see how it stacks up against the competition...that measures CPU, FP, Memory, Disk I/O, etc.
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  1. <b><A HREF="http://www.sisoftware.co.uk/sandra" target="_new">Sandra</A></b>

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  2. www.madonion.com

    Click on gamers HQ then find link to downloads of 3dmark
  3. For something different try: <A HREF="http://clibench.daemonware.ch/index.php?seite=download" target="_new">http://clibench.daemonware.ch/index.php?seite=download</A>

    More about it: <A HREF="http://clibench.daemonware.ch/index.php?seite=faq" target="_new">http://clibench.daemonware.ch/index.php?seite=faq</A>
  4. Gracias mon chums.
  5. [sarcasm]Depends. Are you an Intel zealot or an AMD lemming?[/sarcasm] :tongue:

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  6. go to www.tweakfiles.com, from there click on "diagnostics" more free testing software stuff than Uncle Sam.
  7. I am a lemming.
  8. i'm a little teapot.
  9. Short and stout?

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  10. This is my handle And here is my spout ...

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