Temperature issues for the cooling pro's

Ok, so here's what I have cooling my system,
4 80mm antec case fans, two intake, two exhaust
one antec cyclone pci slot cooler (exhaust)
thermalrite sk-6 hs w/ delta fan w/artic silver II
cpu-1.33 amd, epox 8kha mobo
now my temperatures are as follows
processor idle: system 28c, processor 40c
processor full load(according to BurnIn Test): system 30c,
processor 44c
after an hour of UT: system 30c, processor 46c.
Now my question is, how can I get my processor lower with what I have?? I seem to recall hearing a few places that anything over 50c could damage the processor(???), I could be misrecalling that though. Wondering ~how much of a temp decrease would I get from lapping the heatsink? Just checking because this is all at stock speeds and I haven't yet started to overclock, want to make certain that everything is in the best possible position, cooling wise, before I start ocing stuffs. Thanks
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    What a joke, im sure your electric bill blows the few pennies you saved =P

    That many fans does not add inches to your dick.

    Keeping your AMD cool is number one priority, even when it takes 5 fans + to achieve that. I believe it would take 60c or more to cause perminant damage to your CPU. Bummer AMD neglected to incorporate a thermal diode in your CPU. hard to tell what the core is really at. so your temp reading may be off. GL with your oversized hair drier/heat gun/space heater.

    I am pushing 1.7Ghz with stock HSF @ 89F on my P4. no worries about overheating and stable as a rock.
  2. Dont worry about him ^^^...
    Just likes to flame everyone, Only comes in to brag and he states 89f! thats 32c,for the big expense of that Intel rig I'm sure you can drop 12c with little cost.....Like to see what its cost him to get it to that compared to your rig.
    Me thinx he has shares in expensivetel-inside the way he carries on.lol.

    To answer your questions: Lapping will help, maybe a better hsf!
    Where are you getting your temp reading from?

    Btw, wait for the more experienced guys, I know nothing....

    If ya cant handle the heat, get out of the kitchen! :smile: :wink:
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  3. You called? J/k

    You've done everything you can, pretty much. I don't believe lapping will help an SK6 (and that's about the best heatsink around).

    I remember 1 review that said the SK6 actually performed better with the stock fan (as opposed to the Delta like you and I have). But that was the exception, not the rule, so if you have the stock fan, try it. Otherwise, don't worry about it.
    I have the ThermoEngine BTW, not the SK6.

    You'll probably want to try something like Motherboard Monitor 5. Works better than the standard monitor program that came with your MB. Sorry, don't have a link, but you can find it with a search easily enough.

    And ignore Fugger. He has intelligent posts and posts like that one where he appears high/stoned/drunk/whatever.

    Whoever thinks up a good sig for me gets a prize :wink:
  4. Your temps. are good enough as is.
    Ignore FUGGER as he has nothign better to do than be the child that he is. AMD Athlon's and Duron's can have a maximum case temp. of 90 or05D Celcious, so your way within spec. according to AMD. Most peopel in this forum are running there Athlons at even higher temps. than you are, so you have nothing to be worried about.

    -MeTaL RoCkEr
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  5. Your tempertures are great, there are people running their T-Birds in the 60's without problems. So your low temperture shouldn't cause any problems.
  6. wow, now that's support! thanks all for your great information, I was just somewhat unsure since this is when it is running without any ocing and I'd like to try to nudge the ole fella up a bit. I am running mobo monitor 5, surprisingly the board didn't come with and monitoring software bundled. But again, thanks, I was just curious wasn't quite sure if those were within acceptable specs, oh well though, I'll probably break down and buy a palamino and nforce/or sis735 board in six months anyway ; ). Again thanks though for all the help!
  7. your rig is fine! geez. you really dont need half that number of fans!
    im suprised it doesnt defen you though.

    i can run mine into the mid 60's and still havnt seen any lockups.

    currently ive got 2 quiet cheapass casefans 2800rpm, a winfop32-1 and my athlon 1200C at 1350.
    it runs at 55C under full load for days at a time. (mobo temp varies depending on room temp 26-30C usually)

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  8. I also have an athlon 1.33. It crashes at 50 C (122 F) - sometimes when it is slightly cooler. I've tried adding a variety of fans to prevent this, but nothing has worked. The system crashes at that temperature without the fans too - it's not the load on the power supply. This is certainly nowhere near the 60 C that other people are reporting that their machines run normally at. Does this mean that I have a bad Athlon? A bad motherboard? (Motherboard is an MSI K7T266Pro (Via 266 Chipset). A remarked CPU? How can I tell?

  9. I have only one 80mm cheapy case fan, running my 1.2@1.46 with tempertures below 46c without any problems. I just did a trick by exhausting all the hot air from the cpu HSF directly out the case through a port, cost $5.95. My computer is relatively quiet. Fans really don't take that much power anyways:

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  10. It shouldn't be crashing. My 1.33 runs at 62 Celsius, and it has no extra cooling, other than what came with it. Maybe bad memory or something? Could you explain your lockups in a little more detail.

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